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Creepy Santa

flasher santa

sketchy santa, stoned santa

The 20 Creepiest Santas | HEAVY

Scariest Santas

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong..

This is the last known picture of the DiMonaco Twins, famous children's entertainers of the 1950s. A woman claiming to be Kelly Sue DiMonaco appeared on the Jenny Jones show in 1998 but DNA evidence proved her to be an impostor. The kidnapper has never been found.

Okay, this looks like the first five minutes of a CSI episode. That kid's going to be in pieces and mailed to his parents by the first commercial break.

No, you can't dig a corpse up from the mortuary, put a comedy nose on him, and call him Santa Claus. The kids will know. I know you hate your kids, but they'll know.

Santa just told him Thomas the Tank Engine is gay.

"Hey, looks like you've broken both of your arms and most of your body is covered in an itchy, uncomfortable cast! Why don't I just grab your dick for good measure?" Santa's a carer.

Don't scream. He'll kill you too.

What do you think is in those bags? If you answered candy or presents, you're a charming optimist. I'm thinking either snakes or Silence Of The Lambs style skin suits.