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This is the original City Hall Subway Station IRT exington Avenue line, 1904

abandoned paper mill uk The most mysterious abandoned places are those that seem to have been abandoned in a hurry. This paper mill, apparently located somewhere in Britain, was deserted with belongings in lockers and dishes still on the canteen table. Was it a chemical spill that caused the workers to flee? Or did the owners simply not care to remove the company’s posessions from the building when they closed up shop for good?

Hellingly Mental Asylum (England) | 20 Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Asylums

This is a rather creepy photo of a crib located in an abandoned institution. The light streams through the door, illuminating the past. By xenya

Enjoy Your Day at Abandoned Six Flags of New Orleans

View From a Window - Bodie church, in Bodie (ghost town), Eastern California.

toy airplane forgotten inside Maison Kirsch A lovely farmhouse in a small town in Luxemburg. You wonder why this has all been left behind.

Baby Shoes And Stroller | Social Nightmare

A weathered-cross grave marker has broken and fused with a tree. Smolensk cemetery of St. Petersburg, Russia

abandoned house in Bethlehem, NH