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Cindy Sherman, 1994. Photo campaign for MAC Cosmetics. " I like making images that from a distance seem kind of seductive, colorful, luscious and engaging, and then you realize what you’re looking at is something totally opposite. It seems boring to me to pursue the typical idea of beauty, because that is the easiest and the most obvious way to see the world. It’s more challenging to look at the other side. — Cindy Sherman"

Annie Leibovitz opens new art show at Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington

Dorothea Lange, June 1938. Nettie Featherston, laborer's wife with three children near Childress, Texas. "I just prayed and prayed and prayed all the time that God would take care of us and not let my children starve."

Nettie Featherston: 1938

Dorothea Lange, 1895 - 1965. Shortly before her death, New York's Museum of Modern Art featured a one-person show of Lange's works, a lifetime achievement for her. In her dying moments (from esophageal cancer) she said to her husband/professional partner (Paul Taylor) "Isn’t it a miracle that it comes at the right time?"

Awesome trick! For those times I need to use flash but don't want to.

The Party Bouncer is Back in Business (Card) - DIY Photography

Dorothea Lange, On the road with her family one month from South Dakota, Tulelake, Siskiyou County, California, 1939

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: On the Road: 1939