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12 hands on activities to explore the five senses with children, isolating one sense at a time.

Unit Ideas for teaching the 5 Senses - have a station set up for each of the 5 senses with different things for them to feel, see, taste, smell and hear

Scratch-n-sniff cards made from jello and glue. This could be used for the Nose/Smell day during the 5 senses unit. A.C.

Five Senses - Touch Bags: Let children feel object with bag closed and try to guess what's inside. Good for inferring too.

A game to teach kids about the sense of smell. They will love guessing all the various scents and experiencing a heightened sense of smell!

Lakeshore’s Five Senses Theme Book Library has five super-engaging paperback books specially selected to help kids learn all about their senses

Five Senses Theme Book Library at Lakeshore Learning

With Lakeshore’s Five Senses Theme Box, children learn all about their senses…with comprehensive, hands-on lessons that span the curriculum!

Love, love, love this "hands on" (ha!) activity! "It Feels"...5 senses activity kids...

Some of This & Some of That: It Feels...

Simple to make touch and feel box. Great activity to learn new vocabulary and practice describing things.

Toddler Approved!: Toddler Touch & Feel Box