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Living Life in PA: Fun Monday - Am I A Clean Freak?


Flavor Infusion - Turning Ordinary Wine Into Extraordinary


don't get all weird about getting older! Our age is merely the number of yrs the world has been enjoying us!!

Wednesday Wisdom | House of 34

That pain in my neck means rain is coming... and that pain in my neck means relatives are coming.

Chuck's Fun Page 2: Maxine cartoons

funny lucy quotes | Addicted to Exercise - Uhhhh, Not Me!

Unbreakable's Blog

Haha, love the chicken leg in her hand! (at least I think it's a chicken leg) when I'm a grandma i will beat up people with chicken legs :P If they make me mad that is

I guess when you get a “certain age”….you can get away with saying anything….LOL…. ;-)

Natural Relief From Menopause

Maxine Quotes On Old Age | Maxine humor by Suburban Grandma

Maxine humor by Suburban Grandma

Maxine Humor Cartoon | Chuck's Fun Page 2: Maxine cartoons

Chuck's Fun Page 2: Maxine cartoons

A little Thirsty Thursday Maxine humor :)

If you need a shoulder to cry on...pull off to the side of the road. LOL #humor

Hunger Games? I play those every night around 2 A.M. in front of the fridge!

Maxine Humor

It's scary when you start making the same noises as your coffee maker. Maxine cartoon

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St. Patrick images - Google Search

Are you pics working?None of St Patrick's are for me?