Sock Snowman: Former Pinners says " I made one of these in 3rd grade and it's still one of the cutest holiday decorations I put out every year!" These are so cute! Full Tutorial

Cute, right? I mean come on. And sweet. Sleeping on a Rice Krispie Treat, this little Jordan Almond mouse is dreaming of Christmas. With Smarties candies as ears, a fruit roll up blanket and peppermint stick bed posts, this little cutie is just too sweet to eat.

"And often while I'm dreaming so, Across the sky the Moon will go; It is a lady, sweet and fair, Who comes to gather daisies there." Bedtime verse From the poem "Daisies" writtten by Frank Dempster Sherman.

... seriously cute bed-in-a-tin for mouse + teddy ... maybe my childhood wasn't quite long enough? ...

DIY:: Make a little apron for her from a dollar reusable shopping bag!

Johnny In A Dress: T'was The Night Before Christmas...

Fowl Single File: The Night Before Christmas Embroidery

christmas card idea "twas the night before christmas...."

Night Before Christmas in Paris

Norman Rockwell "Twas The Night Before Christmas" (1960)

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