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Doctor Who Costume Design

2012 Halloween Costumes for us were all from Doctor Who: 1) Cassandra 2) the Tardis 3) Catkind nurse 4) 10 5) 11 6) Rory as the Last Centurion 7) Amy Pond 8) Captain Jack Harkness It looks like a 50th anniversary party is now in the works!

Sister of Plenitude | Denver 2014 #DTJAAAAM

Day of the Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Clever Doctor Who Costume and Cosplay Fun for Halloween and 50th Anniversary Revelry

"Four Seasons of: River Song" by fabfandomsfash on Polyvore

Thinking about building your own TARDIS??? Well, here is the most AWESOME .... More than just a set of plans to build the thing EVER. Wait. IT HAS LINKS TO EVERYTHING .....

Clara’s navy blazer on Doctor Who. Outfit Details: #DoctorWho

Clara’s beaded brooch on Doctor Who. Outfit Details: #DoctorWho

Clara’s burgundy blazer on Doctor Who. Outfit Details: #DoctorWho

Clara’s white shirt with black tie on Doctor Who. Outfit Details: #DoctorWho

BBC's Anglophenia blog has instructions for dressing as Donna Noble, from Series 4 of Doctor Who. Donna, played by Catherine Tate, is a good choice for redheads who feel a bit too mature for Amy Pond but don't have the curly hair for River Song. Click through for the post.

Made to Order Dr Who Costume Apron by OliviasStudio on Etsy, $82.00

Tardis Backpack Doctor Who by MadBoyWithBox on Etsy, $180.00

Doctor Who | Amy Pond Makeup Tutorial

Amy Pond, Doctor Who Episode "Asylum of the Daleks"

Couture TARDIS / Dr. Who inspired Steampunk / Edwardian - Time Travel - Tiny Top Hat / Facinator on Etsy, $122.00

19 Fiercely Feminine "Doctor Who" Cosplays- 9

Steampunk Wil and Anne Wheaton with a Christmas-bedecked TARDIS- so much fandom in one picture!!

Doctor Who TARDIS Cosplay

Captain Jack

Captain Jack Harkness. :D -‘Doctor Who’ Cosplay: How To Dress Like Captain Jack Harkness,

use panty hose legs to make ar gloves rather than body paint. (also a tutorial on how to make a weeping angel costume) crafty_tardis: Beware the Weeping Angels

10 TARDIS Dresses for Fancy Occasions