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Scarlett O'hara's dresses Gone With the Wind

What a wardrobe she had!!! I apologize that most of these are images of Scarlett dolls, but most online images of Vivien Leigh in the dresses are very terrible quality. Not that she ever looks terrible. Note: If you loved the movie (or hated it), please, please, please do yourself a favor and read the book. It may be long, but the true Scarlett O'hara is waiting there for you. And she is amazing.


Robert Tonner - 2009 - Gone With The Wind - My Mother's Portieres

Scarlett O'hara... I've dreamed, since I was a little girl, of wearing every single one of her beautiful dresses, but none so much as this one. Well, maybe the red velvet robe...

Gone with the Wind: Celebrity Merchandise

gown for the birthday party...

"Gone With The Wind": Ten Interesting Facts You May Not Know