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His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Akihito of Japan

奈良の大の字 送り火 Nara - The character "dai" (大) is lit on the final night of o-Bon to send off the spirits

Bon-dance during summer season. @bon-odori #japan Obon is my favorite. This is when Japanese celebrate the return of their deceased ones. It is actually a fun time, with Bon odori dances which are performed in a circle around the platform that the music is on. The music & dances are special for Obon.

SHOW ME THE OBI ! -- An OBI MECHANIC Replacing a Rusty Bolt | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Small View of Yedo/Hiroshige Utagawa

Japanese calligrapher Tsuneko KUMAGAI (1893~1986) at work with her cat.