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Favorite Places & Spaces

Turbo is an adoptable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog in Scottsdale, AZ. Poor little Turbo has had such a hard life in his short 6 months. He was wondering the streets...possibly dumped by a backya...

  • April Lehtonen

    Wish I lived closer, I would take him in a heartbeat. ♥

  • Kathy Tully

    I agree with April....If I lived closer I would also take him...Hope he finds a good home soon:)

  • Serena Hettick

    I applied to adopt him! I hope he can come home with us, but if not I want him to find a good home.

  • Laurie Gross

    They are very special dogs. I hope you get him.

Very Excited for the Toms Ballet Flats!!! Think I will have to get the animal print ones when they come out!

  • Lauren Wombacher

    Haha! I think we pinned our TOMS simultaneously! Great minds!

  • Serena Hettick

    They are so great! I tired to pin the jewelry from we dream in colour do you know how to do it? I watched the video. Any suggestions?

  • Lauren Wombacher

    Send me the link to what you're trying to pin and I'll check it out. I just tried to pin their homepage and also an individual piece of jewelry and was able to. Might depend on the page.

  • Serena Hettick

    I am so computer stupid, I don't know how to do that. Oh well! This is so awesome I love pinterest!

  • Lauren Wombacher

    You silly girl, just copy and paste the web address for whatever page you're trying to pin in a message to me. You can Facebook message me.