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Suits You Swimwear

Suits You Swimwear

Suits You® swimwear is the ultimate source for competition bikinis, figure suits and sexy swimwear MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Lisa Schimkat in a Heavy Crystal design with lots of Swarovski Crystals. Royal Blue Scatter Snake fabric with Capri Blue Crystals.

Congratulations to Adriana Gonzalez, she won her show in Hong Kong!

Beautiful shot of Kristina Mondshour doing a shoot for the 2015 WingHouse calender. Pro scrunch bikini, red sequin fabric with L-42c connectors.

IFPA Masters Bikini Pro Nicole Scudder Heavy Crystal design (with outline AND additional crystals), burgundy mist fabric. Top has L-61ab, S-46ab & Back Drape connector. Scrunch Butterfly Bottom has L-63ab drape connectors.

New Bikini, rose shatterglass fabric with black trim and L-52c connectors. Model Melissa Allen

IFBB Bikini Pro Lisa Schimkat looking amazing in a custom Heavy Crystal Design, Royal blue scatter snake fabric with lots and lots of Capri Blue Swarovski Crystals L-66c and S-46c connectors, extra small pro scrunch bottom.

Sequin bikini with Crystal Outline.

Sarah Rennick Looking amazing in a Heavy Crystal Design. Purple Shatterglass fabric with lots of AB Swarovski Crystals, top with L-61ab, S-46ab and Back Drape connector, scrunch mini bottom with L-63ab connectors

NEW Limited Edition butterfly bikini. Orange/Yellow Swirl fabric with L-62ab connectors. Model Melissa Allen

Rabecca Lee, looking amazing at the 2014 WBFF Worlds in a custom Crystal Sequin Bikini.

Brittney Milliken looking amazing in a hot pink pro scrunch bikini.

Melissa Allen looking amazing at the 2014 Tampa Pro show. "Heavy Crystal" design, dark green shatterglass fabric with lots of "medium vitriol" Swarovski Crystals, top has L-60ab Gold and S-46ab Gold connectors, pro scrunch bottom has L-60ab Gold connectors.

Christina Diez looking amazing in a custom figure suit, burgundy mist fabric with lots of Swarovski Crystals.

Just added a NEW Navy Blue Sequin butterfly bikini, more colors coming soon! Model Melissa Allen

Djanilla Boekweg from The Netherlands looking amazing this year in a few custom bikinis!

NEW Royal Blue Sparkle scrunch butterfly bikini with L-65ab connectors. Model Melissa Allen

Casey Samsel looking amazing at the 2014 Team Universe in a Medium Random Crystal Bikini. Royal blue lycra fabric, top has L-61c and S-46c connectors, scrunch mini bottom has L-61c connectors.

New Butterfly Bikini, turquoise/green glitter, tie-side bottom. Also available for quick ship (with connectors), model Melissa Allen.

Beautiful shot of Roxy Ganser in a Crystal Sequin bikini.

NEW bikini, NEW fabric, NEW model!!! Kelly green shatterglass scrunch butterfly bikini, model Melissa Allen.

New Lime Shatterglass Pro Scrunch Bikini, in stock and ready to ship, also available for quick order (with different connectors), model Melissa Allen

Another new bikini! Pro scrunch bikini, orange shatterglass fabric. Model Melissa Allen

Last nights photo shoot was amazing! Here's a new scrunch mini bikini, dark turquoise shatterglass with hot pink shatterglass trim. New model too, Melissa Allen

Sarah Giovinetti, looking awesome in a "Fade Heavy Random" crystal design. Red Shatterglass fabric with lots of Swarovski Crystals, top has L-61c and M-61c connectors, scrunch butterfly bottom has L-63c connectors.

Customer photo from Canada, Roxy Ganser looking amazing in a Crystal Sequin bikini, royal blue sequin fabric with silver shatterglass trim, top has L-52c and S-46c connectors, scrunch butterfly bottom has L-63c connectors.