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Amber Sullivan

Amber Sullivan

"Let it Be."

♥♥ karma karma karma karma karma Put it out to the universe ask for what you want feel like you already have it Acceptancesinabundance@.loveme

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'Her birthmark, my tattoo' Mother gets baby's birthmark as a tattoo

Wish the crazy ass B (as my husband calls her) that destroyed my world gets a really big dose of this in her lifetime from her own husband. Karma is a bitch

  • Cheri Harwell

    Yes, but you will probably get it too. It's ls called an STD! No man is coming back in my door after that type of behavior. And hopefully his pens rots off!

  • Kathrine Mago

    It's so true I really hope one day their karma will get back at them. The pain I go through everyday feels like he killed me & chopped me into pieces

  • Perry Davis

    From a man's point of view, sometimes a woman just walks away. She left family. Mid-life crisis? It may haunt her till the end of her life. That won't make me any happier.

  • Sue Atkinson

    What goes around, comes around

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You've messed with my kids lives you will get yours one day

Haters will always hate you no matter how happy you are!

Paint this saying on a canvas for the master bedroom.

Funny Apology Ecard. Haha he sent this last to me after I was wrong about our trip next week. :-/ could not help but laugh at him.

Instagram photo by @miss_eva84 (Kirsten Eva) | Statigram ~ Thanks for the beautiful graphics, Kirsten!