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Editorial: I wonder if all the mothers of black men who have been illegally murdered by the police state got together if there'd be enough room for them all in a football stadium?

We ask this through Christ, our Lord and rubber bullets, Amen. MT @Michael Whitney PD prayers b4 assaultng citizens ..

Twitter / charlesthomas: We ask this through Christ, ...

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford Over the past 50 years, Black America has gone from fists in the air to arms raised in surrender; from assertion of the right to self-defense, to pleas for sensitivity from militarized police occupiers. Black America has been turned into a vast Constitution-free zone.

marriage equality

The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage.

Do you Watch & Listen to FoxNewspeak?

Do you watch & Listen to FoxNewspeak?. Powered by RebelMouse

Captain Ron Johnson hugs a demonstrator after taking over the policing of protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Demonstrators in Missouri protest in front of Police following the shooting of Michael Brown Jr

Ferguson, Missouri: Why US city is 'at war' with police

Manipulating One's Audience: A Different Sort of Outrage

Soliciting Sex With Animals Gets This Baptist Leader Arrested - YouTube

Editorial: Straight People plasmaBn rebelmouse

Editorial: Straight People. Powered by RebelMouse

Tina Vigilante - Google+

Tina Vigilante - Google+

An eruv is a Jewish ritual boundary made of string or wire, stretched between objects such as trees or light poles, to create a symbolic enc...

The Battle of the Eruv

Knit a Brick | Secular Coalition for America

Knit a Brick | Secular Coalition for America

Independence starts with a garden. Growing your own food is the most revolutionary act you can engage in.


Editorial: Engage Yourself in the Universe for Goodness Sake!!

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Water, Water Everywhere and not a drop to drink

Editorial: Water, Water Everywhere & Not A Drop to Drink