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dawkins scale

Where are you on the Dawkins Scale?

Why God Doesn't Exist - Concept –– Is God a physical object or an abstract concept? Until we decide which, we can’t even begin to ponder whether God exists.

Why God Doesn't Exist - Concept

Follow ALL the rules, or none. You don't get to pick and choose.

Twitter / FCKH8: Tattoo frm Bible Forbidding ...

Ever wonder why god never had people throw stones at rapists? The bible was written by men.

You have been raised in an abusive relationship. There are organizations that can help. Recovering From Religion is one. Also check the Freedom From Religion Foundation...I think they have good resources for helping overcome the abuse you have suffered for so long.

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Afghan Women in 1950 vs. 2013. ...Whenever the horrific, misogynistic, pro-pedophilia, pro-slavery and genocide Yahweh, Jesus or Allah win, freedoms are taken away.

Best of 4chan – Afghan Women in 1950 vs. 2013

William Shatner on Heaven and Afterlife

Atheist Quotes and Sayings From Famous Atheists and Others

Long-Time Ban on Magic Arts, Fortunetelling Splits Va. Town -- my comment: Christian fear someone else's superstition. LOL God on their side and they fear others. Sounds like people of little faith.

Ban on Magic Arts, Fortunetelling Splits Va. Town

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