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Blinded by Superstition. Tragic! read on...

atheistgardenhomestead My wife's niece's 4yr old daughter told me "God Made Me" the other day. Wow. She can't even count. Yet she knows this. #Catholic She also believes in Santa. Fortunately for Christian Families the children never attempt to put the two lies together. It's not allowed...

What kind of all powerful, all knowing living being is worried it won't be remembered? An imaginary one!! No worship, it simply disappears

This explains why most Christians are tormented...

plasmaborne4rel If you're atheist & you know it clap your hands. If you atheist & you know it take a public stand. If you're atheist & you know it join the band. If you're atheist & you know it please do what you can. If you're atheist & you know it remember this is also your land.

Whoo Hoo! Atheist Inside Decal Sticker (white, 5 inch)

JFK – Separation of Church & State

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