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iPad APPS For Homeschool

Need family-friendly, educational apps? Start by looking through the offerings at Apps-School.

Our free app - helps you remember the important stuff.

Knowledge Quest Apps

Learn about events from the ancient time period.

Knowledge Quest Apps

Learn about the ancient world through maps, photos and quizzes

Knowledge Quest Apps

Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline App

Wonders of Old: Medieval Timeline App - The Curriculum Choice

Fighter verses - an app for memorization #parenting

Fighter Verses - memorize bible verses / scripture memory

40 coolest iPad apps for homeschoolers

40 iPad Apps For Homeschooled Students

Daily Audio Bible app review at Curriculum Choice

Site reviews best kid apps and has a "Daily Yummy" pick as well as a "Daily Yucky". Also can search best apps by age as well as category.

ipad app

Pictures From Our Transatlantic Cruise 2008
  • Tamie Day

    My 5 yo learned all her states last year using this app...she loves it!

A medival timeline app. Is it bad to want an ipad for this alone? :) Looks like there are more educational apps too. So much fun.