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Things of Beauty

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** I am moving all pins related to Tom Hiddleston to a new board.... so bear with me as I comb through what started out at 1300+ pins! ^_^ ............. This board is made up of people: gorgeous, beautiful, hot.... stunning, radiant, dazzling.... doesn't matter, man or woman (I like men, don't get me wrong!)... If it's a beautiful person, you'll find them on this board <3.

A plethora of poetry read by hot British gentlemen ~ readings mostly by Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Richard Armitage. Also features David Tenant, Kenneth Branagh, Matthew McFadyen, and Alan Rickman.

Don Wildman

Don Wildman - Google+

shia labeouf in a towel... pretty hot pic, but look at his eyes... he's just so sad. :(

Daniel Gillies from The Originals | E! Online

Daniel Gillies from The Originals: Check Out Hot Promo Pics

Daniel Gillies, The Originals from 64 of the Hottest Men on TV | E! Online

Daniel Gillies, The Originals from 64 of the Hottest Men on TV

T J Thyne aka Jack Hodgins in a more relaxed moment. Hmmm, wonder if there's a six-pack under that shirt?

Afternoon eye candy: TJ Thyne (29 photos)

T.J. Thyne - Dr. Jack Hodgins He is an entomologist, botanist, and mineralogist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute.

Shamelessly Stolen...

TJ Thyne ^_^ Dr. Jack Hodgins an entomologist who is also an expert on spores and minerals but whose hobby is conspiracy theories. He helps teach Zack how to be socially normal. His family is extremely wealthy and are major sponsors of the Jeffersonian; however, Hodgins wishes for this status to remain concealed from his bosses because he does not want to be seen as a superior

Taking off the coat. Almost as hot as undoing the belt buckle. David Boreanaz *.*

Buffy!!! Angel's A Cheater!