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Things of Beauty

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** I am moving all pins related to Tom Hiddleston to a new board.... so bear with me as I comb through what started out at 1300+ pins! ^_^ ............. This board is made up of people: gorgeous, beautiful, hot.... stunning, radiant, dazzling.... doesn't matter, man or woman (I like men, don't get me wrong!)... If it's a beautiful person, you'll find them on this board <3.

Jason Momoa, Game of Thrones Follow us on Facebook/JasonMomoaTheMan

The Hottest Male Model In The World Puts Every Hipster’s Beard To Shame (Photos)... even with that epic beard he's still a BIT feminine for me... but he is DAMN pretty... damn damn pretty

  • Heather Miller

    Yeah, his hair is a bit too fabulous for my tastes, but he still is very attractive.

Pedro Pascal by Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Sure, he's looking a bit long in the tooth now, but back in the days of "Hercules", mm-mm-mm!

D.E.A.D - Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion, and Tom Hiddleston (I think I passed out when I saw this picture.)

jay baruchel: voiced hiccup in How to train your dragon!

Jay Baruchel. Nerdy Celebrity crush. c:

Richard Armitage for The Crucible. That's it, I'm going to England. 'bye everyone.

Dear lord a man with tattoos in a suit is just a sin

jensen ackles... Oh Dear God in heaven, thank you.

David hanging around the Vouge Italia offices via twitter


Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook)

Martin Freeman...My short man crush. I think I just died

I’d happily punch Sherlock when he comes back to life

Jonathan Rhys Meyers... super Fn hot!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers II | Celebrities | Foros Vogue

Michael Fassbender...age looks SO GOOD on him. Eye crinkles ftw!

ALCIDE! ahhh i love you and yer hot werewolf self. so does sookie.

Zachary Levi. A highly underrated performer. he is Flynn Rider, he was on Broadway and is amazing when it comes to taking time with his fans.