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Things of Beauty

**UNDER CONSTRUCTION** I am moving all pins related to Tom Hiddleston to a new board.... so bear with me as I comb through what started out at 1300+ pins! ^_^ ............. This board is made up of people: gorgeous, beautiful, hot.... stunning, radiant, dazzling.... doesn't matter, man or woman (I like men, don't get me wrong!)... If it's a beautiful person, you'll find them on this board <3.

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Aidan Turner

Click for 6208 x 8280 - [x]

Benedict Cumberbatch blog

We Named Chris Pratt - Indiana by Rahzzah ... chris pratt as Indiana Jones... my mind exploded.. REALLY HOT ok

We Named Chris Pratt - Indiana by Rahzzah on deviantART

Gerard Butler for @HugoBoss ahhh ♥

Gerard Butler GALS - Boss_ps2.jpeg


Jason Behr Roswell

Twinkees: Twinks Spotlight - Jason Behr
  • Tracy Hite

    such a gorgeous man, there weren't enough shirtless scenes in Roswell

Max from Roswell (Jason Behr) before there was The Salvatore there was this dashing gent on Roswell.

Welcome to Jason Behr Unlimited!

Jason Behr... still way super hot after all these years! I like to call him Max though :) From Roswell.