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Animal Facts

Fun facts about some of our favorite animals

An elusive raptor, goshawk, secretly hunts deep in the Tongass National Forest. What surprises can be revealed in this rarest of rainforests?

Cute and cuddly, but #didyouknow, A surprising fossil discovery of an ancient Red Panda species is revealed at only one site in the world. What remains uncovered? Find out:

The Northern goshawk is one of several hundred species making its home in this rare, remote mixture of mountain peaks, glaciers and rivers. Read more about the Tongass National Forest:

U-Haul: SuperGraphics: Alaska - Tongass National Forest

Firefly Facts: Most fireflies can be found east of the Rocky Mountains, from New York to Kansas and Georgia to Texas, and throughout most of the states in between. Florida has the largest firefly population for the most months out of the year because the climate is tropical almost all year long. However, the greatest number and variety of fireflies in the world live in the tropical climates of Central and South America and in tropical parts of Asia. #Firefly #insects #Bugs

U-Haul: SuperGraphics: Indiana - Twinkling World

North American Big Brown Bat

U-Haul: SuperGraphics: Missouri - The Truth About Bats