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zoo depression

Caillou is a total whiner, and if you let a child watch his miserable program, they will follow suit.

Illegalize Toddlers and Tiaras now.

  • Missy Rae Hansen

    i seriously cannot believe that is a human being. isn't that a giant taffy monster from the raggedy ann movie?

Seriously, stop typing this. It was never cute or funny or endearing.

This horrifies me as much as Toddlers In Tiaras.

Why do I hate her so much?


If you do this, you are horrible and I want to fight you.

I'm a nanny, and sometimes this is what it looks like.

Dirty snow makes winter even more insulting.

Japanese garden beetle. These things destroyed our green bean plants last year. We will plant extra green beans from now on, just to keep them off of our tomatoes. Grrr!!

Why do people spit? I swear, every time I'm at a stoplight and I happen to glance at a pedestrian, they are spitting. And it's almost always a guy. Stop it, please.