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I'm a liberal and damn proud of it. I reserve the right to delete any comments as I see fit. I don't suffer RWNJs lightly. There are a million other places you can go to spew your Fox "News" talking points and other drivel.

The family values party?

They can't win without cheating.

I have to wonder... if this guy were attacked and that shirt stolen, would people say it was his fault because of how he was dressed?

This Is How You Ask To Get Mugged

Sounds like a presidential campaign platform to me!

Please share.

The hoarding of billions offshore while paying no taxes is neither patriotic nor a benefit to our nation.

Get to work, America. You might think you're working for the "freeloaders" on food stamps, but you're actually working to support the oil industry. Which is, by the way, already the most profitable industry in the history of humankind.

Harvard Professor Justin Levitt surveyed more than a billion votes cast in general, primary, special, and municipal elections across the US from 2000 through 2014, and found only 31 credible instances of voter impersonation.

One of my favorite moments in the 2012 presidential campaign. :D

Get It Together, Mitt