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Baton Twirling Costumes

Very pretty twirling costumes from feature twirlers. I linked this board to the free FeatureTwirler app. Make sure to install to keep up on the pretty costumes that twirlers have!

Great school pride with these costumes.

Love these beautiful costumes.


Love the color and beading on this costume!

These costumes are super cute, but the showstopper is the little girl's smile. It's priceless! You can tell this was a big day for her!

Love this costume, it's a great design!

Beautiful examples of how different twirling costumes can be!

Baton Twirling Competitions

Baton costumes that are just adorable!

Beautiful costumes! They're like art work.

Absolutely Awesome! What a fun twirling costume!

Baton Twirling Classes

I love when the costumes are different but still go together!

All About Baton Twirling

Great costumes that go together nicely!

Best Feature Twirlers. | Almost Heaven | Pinterest

It amazes me at the endless designs all of our twirlers create for their costumes! I think that's part of the fun of going to nationals.

Super stunning black and silver!

I like how these two costumes have a unifying theme but were designed different for each twirler! They look great.

This costume has character... very nice!

Very cute costume. But what I really like is that while the band is too "casual" with untucked T shirts - she decided to stay "performance ready" for the show!

wvsu feature twirler 07

Great for hot summer parades...

Creative theme shows school spirit in this costume!

I like the flesh color inserts in these costumes they are very age appropriate (and stunning).

OK, it's not exactly a costume... but it's really impressive.

Both girls look so striking in their costumes!

Absolutely super cute costume! (and what a nice performance smile)

IDEA: These girls picked great costumes for solo events but when they twirl together on the field the colors work great as a group.

Part of the fun is seeing all the different costumes.