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Baton Twirling Costumes

Very pretty twirling costumes from feature twirlers. I linked this board to the free FeatureTwirler app. Make sure to install to keep up on the pretty costumes that twirlers have!

This costume is so vivid and pretty! Love the yellow...

This costume is adorable!

baton Photos: Free Creative Commons & Stock Images for your Blog

Pretty costumes - I love to see the variety!

TWIRL-M'S Baton Twirling

This costume is awesome - love the colors and fringe!

I love the beading on this costume... it's super pretty!

Love that the costumes are different but work together!

The Marching Virginians - Virginia Tech - Meet the Band: Sections

Super cute costume!!

Interview with a K-State Feature Twirler: Lauren Meis | Heidi

This costume is beautiful!!!

So many cute costume styles in one beautiful photo!

Super cute - love the flesh color with beading!

I like these costumes... great for college twirlers. Blue and gold really looks great on a field!

WVU Marching Band announces feature twirlers for 2010 season

Cute costume - nice use of the school letters!

TWIRL-M'S Baton Twirling

This costume is adorable for college twirlers!! I like it when costumes are age appropriate. I'm thinking that this costume would be a little too "little" for ladies younger than college. :)

Great costume for a show! It's sparklie... love the skirt!

Cute costume... clever use of the mascot paw prints!

Adorable costumes! You look stunning. :)

Great school pride with these costumes.

Love these beautiful costumes.


Love the color and beading on this costume!

These costumes are super cute, but the showstopper is the little girl's smile. It's priceless! You can tell this was a big day for her!

Love this costume, it's a great design!

Beautiful examples of how different twirling costumes can be!

Baton Twirling Competitions