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Backbend prayer. Offering + opening your heart to everything around you, giving many thanks for the beauty and love in your life.

Yoga: Learn and Master the Top Yoga Poses and Exercises

practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side. Work your way up to 1-3 minutes.

5 yoga mistakes you're making

▶ Yoga Core Strength Workout - Day 5 - 30 Day Yoga Challenge - YouTube

▶ Yoga Workout For Abs - Day 4 - 30 Day Yoga Challenge - YouTube

▶ Weight Loss Yoga - Total Body Workout - YouTube

Improve Leg Strength and Stability, Yoga with Esther

▶ Weight Loss Core Flow - YouTube

26 Healthy Yoga Postures

Yoga bear lol, get it?!, yogi bear :))

A post-run yoga routine that targets all the runner's sorest, tightest spots.

26 Healthy Yoga Postures

Star Wars Yoga

acro yoga

Well I've got the 'stumble often' down well.

Don't quit it, do it.