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Upcycled Vintage Book Planter. This is so cool! It's like the book is coming alive!

Upcycled Vintage Book Planter - Open


How-To Propagate Succulents with their Leaf Cuttings

... a little bit menacing ... in a good way > macro of the bloom of a gray sedum or aloe--it's quite small

Succulent, jelly bean plant, if the little leaves are broken off they grow new roots of their own

Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... It burns all different colors! :) holy freaking cow so neatttt

Place one uncracked raw egg in the pot — as it decomposes, it will serve as a natural fertilizer via Redbook - Click image to find more Gardening Pinterest pins

Add 1 tsp. of liquid food coloring to 1 cup of water. Drizzle the colored water onto the soil surrounding the base of a plant. Wait 24 hours for the water to absorb. Apply another identical dose if the color change was not sufficient.

Repurposing Containers for Seed Starting - Rotisserie Chicken Micro Greenhouse

ROOTING SUCCULENTS - cleanly pull/break leaf from plant making sure whole leaf is in tact. Allow to dry out & end to scab over. Place leaf on top of soil. (if you bury the cut end in soil, it will only roots from that end. If you lay on top of soil, it will grow both roots & form new plant) Water when soil becomes dry. Roots and new plants should start to grow with in a couple of weeks.

succulent spheres. beautiful textures and great for hot, dry summers.

DIY - airplant centerpiece in wine glass. Did something similar with a huge glass from midevil times.

Propagating Succulents from Leaves

Inexpensive Seed Starter by Instructables

RHGS Outdoor & Gardening Blog: Patio or Balcony Gardening

Lotus...can't wait 'til May when these will be blooming at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden!

Herb Garden in Jars. Someone posted: To improve drainage, add a 1/2" layer of broken terra cotta, glass marbles, or other non-organic and non-toxic material at the bottom. When you water, you'll be able to see how much water gathers there. You'll learn to water just enough to keep the soil moist without creating puddles of stagnant water in the bottom.

Kinda cool... I wonder how durable the shoe hanger material is when exposed to all that organic matter.

The John Lamos Collection - blend of recycled materials and cement. Amazing organic forms with the color of aged copper. Functional art.

Things you should notice is a container to put the plant on a strong wall. Be sure, you also have to look at the cropping media. For example, organic materials such as charcoal, fern trunks, compost, moss, manure, coconut coir (coco peat), rice husks, humus, or seaweed.