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Did you know the church has an online Learning Resources for Children??? Do you want a nightly scripture to recite with the kiddos? Need a last minute FHE lesson? Need felt board pictures? Need easy to play piano arrangements? It's all here! So many great ideas and helps for lessons, primary, and FHE. Comes close to being as great as

Tell Me The Stories of Jesus (blog post) - "She spent hours putting together a book for each of her children. Not a genealogical history or a scrapbook of her life. No. It was a collection of the stories of Jesus."

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

Preach My Gospel Family Scripture Study

Family Scripture Study: Preach My Gospel (Week 1)

LDS Living - {LDS How-to} Prepare a Great Sacrament Meeting Talk Used these helpful tips, and it was very succesful!

{LDS How-to} Prepare a Great Sacrament Meeting Talk

New LDS video that takes the mystery out It's the best temple video the Church has EVER done! IMO, it's a MUST SEE -- and SHARE!

The Life of Christ, a 45 day scripture study

Pioneer stories

Handcart Pioneer Companies

Story of Rebecca Bean seeing the Savior what He said to her. "I promise you, if you will go about your work everyday as you have done it this day, you will be equal to it. Now remember these missionaries represent me on this earth and all that you give unto them you give unto me."

Charting the New Testament - Miracles of Jesus | BYU Studies

Charting the New Testament - BYU Studies

Simon Dewey - All that she Had

All That She Had | All That She Had

Image detail for -lineage-from-abraham-to-jesus-chart

12 Tribes of Israel. Note, the tribe of Levi does not have land - they are the priesthood of Israel. Joseph does not have land - his 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh received the land.

Twelve (12) Tribes of Israel

Letters-to-Emma from Joseph in liberty

Squeeze in some time today to study the word of God. It's one thing you can do just for you and still have it bless your entire family. Somewhere betw...

Making scripture study a part of your routine

Book of Mormon Page List. Heading for EVERY page of the BOM!!! Hooray! There is also a list of stories in the BOM to print for your scriptures. How many do you know? (link is on the left) Scripture Marking/Study

Little LDS Ideas: Faith in God Tracking Sheets:

Timeline for the 12 Tribes of Israel