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Romanian Point Lace Crochet

Romanian Point Lace (RPL) is a combination of crocheting and needle lace. Other terms: Braidwork, Crochet Tape Lace, Macramé Crochet, Braid Lace, Renaissance Lace, Point Lace, Romanian Macramé, European Macramé, Macramé au Crochet, Croșetat dantelă din puncte si laseta, Uncinetto Rinascimento, Macramé Rumeno, Zsinórcsipke, Dentelle Roumaine, Makramee-häkeln, etc. See also my board for Tape Lace Crochet Patterns. Blog:

Sophie Digard necklace design - looks like a combination of crochet and Romanian point lace techniques

Grand sautoir Sophie Digard, modèle "Papillons"

Beautiful point lace crochet on linen example

Point Lace Crochet necklace - inspiration. Crocheted ribbon and cord with needle lace fillings.

Needle lace and crochet


Filling stitches for Macramé Crochet lace

Cordon au Crochet - 1000 Mailles. 50-page booklet with Romanian Point Lace crochet patterns and instructions.


Filling Stitches. Click to read the 1888 Young Ladies Journal, and review the instructions for point lace starting on page 78

Crochet - DIY Collaboratorium

How to make lace - book of lace filling stitches and patterns. In the public domain on Open Library.

How to make lace.

Fiber Art Reflections: Macramé Crochet Lace projects (also known as Romanian Point Lace Crochet, Tape Lace, Braidwork, Renaissance Lace) in Anna Burda magazine, January 1990.

Anna Burda January 1990 - Romanian Point Lace Crochet

FIber Art Reflections: Romanian Point Lace Crochet table cloth

Anna Burda January 1990 - Romanian Point Lace Crochet

Fiber Art Reflections: Oval mat with large flowers - Romanian Point Lace Crochet

Anna Burda January 1990 - Romanian Point Lace Crochet