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3D Landform Maps- fun, easy, and meaningful to make!

The Open Door Classroom: 3D Landform Maps!

The Revolution, a weekly women’s rights newspaper, was the official publication of the National Woman Suffrage Association formed by feminists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to secure women’s enfranchisement through a federal constitutional amendment.

The First Interracial Marriage in Mississippi since 1890 -- in 1970. "Newlyweds Berta and Roger Mills, shown here on their wedding day 8/2/70, are currently living in a modest Jackson, MS apartment. They were married after a legal fight against the state law prohibiting interracial marriage".

Woman Suffrage Campaign in Illinois - This shows one of the big Woman's Party street banners being swung into place in Chicago by Miss Virginia Arnold, national executive secretary of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage.

This is a great way to learn the Presidents of the United States. Whether needing a quick and fun history refresher or celebrating President's Day, this bingo game set with 30 boards for large group play is just the ticket. All of the Presidents of the U.S. are represented in this game. Boards have clear images and text names for easy identification. Provide some markers and prizes, and you're all set for a fun and educational time!

Jewish prisoners at the moment of their liberation from a death train near the Elbe. Photograph by Major Clarence L. Benjamin. Germany, April 1945.

Documentation for social justice...or just good practices in the early years

Abraham Lincoln Facts For Kids - Amazing And Fun Facts About Abraham Lincoln - YouTube

Keep it Simple by Hartmut Esslinger via brainpickings: The authentic story of the collaboration between Steve Jobs and Hartmut Esslinger, which began in 1982 and how Apple went from underdog to cult in six design and innovation strategies. #Books #Business_Strategies #Apple

As a Colonel, Robert Gould Shaw commanded the all-black 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, which entered the war in 1863. He was killed in the Second Battle of Fort Wagner, near Charleston, South Carolina on July 18, 1863.

Edit out the vulgarities and you have a true 20 second history lesson on WWII. The world gone mad from 1939-1945. Our poor parents and grandparents, what they had to live through.