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My patronus!...oh on The Doctor or Harry Potter??

Lol that's kinda epic.

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oh just look at our little Harry Potter from people magazine...filming Kill Your Darlings

"Well she got me the job at Potter, practically, so for anyone who doesn't know that story, I basically owe everything to Maggie Smith because I worked with her on David Copperfield and then she came on to Potter as McGonagall and said to the director, You need to audition this boy. So I kind of owe her everything, so to Maggie I just say my fairy godmother;Daniel Radcliffe (on the first thing that comes to mind about Maggie)

Totally wild and crazy...Like father like son? (Previous pinner looked this up on and says it's totally legit!).

Hermione costume for American Girl Doll

  • Liv Life

    Sadly, we are out of the AMerican Girl Doll era, but I would totally have bought this for my daughter!

  • Anna

    My daughter is too young for Harry Potter right now, but you can bet she's getting one of these in a few years.

woah. Srsly?

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The picture speaks for itself .. a thousand words!