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October Bench Apples, ©2009 Victor Cicansky

The 'Helping Hand', which holds up the old tree nicknamed 'Wonky Conker', was sculpted by John Butler. The old tree was nearly chopped down for a carpark, but saved by townspeople of Bideford, UK.

Rockin' Old School Tea Party (1938) With a Lobster and Hawk...Of Course!!

The first Jack O'Lanterns were turnips, not pumpkins. Turnips are still carved for Halloween in Scotland.

This remarkable timepiece, possibly the most complicated of its kind in the world, was designed and made by Rasmus Sørnes (1893 - 1967) in Moss, Norway. Rasmus Sørnes clocks will probably be the last ones ever designed and made by hand by one single person after his own design and calculations, as a true craftsmanship and as an item of art. His clocks were made by him alone, in his shop, with his homemade tools, according to his own ideas.

Octopus watch......Stefan Kudoke KudoKtopus

This is not a human eye, just a sink photographed at the perfect angle and time.

hermit crabs will use whatever shell they can find, including this blown glass shell by robert dugrenier.

Old Amazing Hearse