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Wedit sends the wedding couple 5HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. The couple passes them out to the wedding guests throughout the festivities to record the couple returns cameras to Wedit to edit. Wedit then edits the footage into a video.---way cool! @ Dream Wedding PinsDream Wedding Pins

guest book youll actually look at. With the pictures from the photo booth and notes from the guests.

Guestbook Stones - Can have it on display at home, unlike a regular guestbook where you would barely ever look at it again. ♥ this !

See the groom without breaking the "groom shouldn't see the bride before the wedding" rule! - these pictures are adorable.

Everybody talks about a pic of when the groom first sees the bride but don't forget about a picture when dad first sees her!

3 crossing wedding bands. Ecc. 4:12 states "a cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken" God, Husband and wife. Thats so important

Best advice someone gave me that helped a ton, NUMBER your rsvp cards because some people write a no where they should put their name and you have no idea who it is! Once you get them back in the mail, go into your excel spreadsheet and mark them coming or not coming. Then you also dont have to worry about losing the cards and you can easily tell who still owes you one! ---Will be doing this!!

Groom, bride and maid of honor pic. you could also add the best man nest to the bride and have them high 5ing or something! i think id like the girls better if they were holding pinkeys!

Bridesmaids sign the bottom of the brides shoes. Tradition says that whoever's name doesn't wear off by the end of the night is the next one to walk down the aisle. Love this! ;; another really freakin' cute idea!

Cute!! Cut an extra wedding invitation into tiny strips and stuff into a clear glass ornament. Perfect way to remember your wedding on your first Christmas together!

Photo of your first dance with lyrics to the song you danced to.

Love the southern charm feel and all the white!