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*I got this once from someone while trick-or treating and I STILL remember that I loved it!!! Pinner said I used surgical gloves. You can find them at Walgreens, Walmart, Rite-Aid. For the fingers I used Smarties. Then I filled them rest of the way with mini Hershey candy bars and mini Reeses peanut butter cups, and Hershey Kisses. I had to add a little ring. Once filled, I just tied them with craft ribbon. Easy peasy.

The Princess and the Frog :) easy halloween idea

Paint a haunted mansion and then carve out the windows and moon, love it

Fill up a mini pumpkin with dip for a Fall Party.

Haunted Halloween FREE BOO Sign

Styrofoam Coffin, 4 Walgreens Skeletons, pvc pipes, rebar, Florist wire. Clever!

This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with green tissue paper and light from behind. It's a great effect. SOOO doin this!

Frightfully Free Halloween Fonts! With links to the site for each font.

Up - Halloween Costume

cloudy with a chance of witches

Halloween Witch Skirt... unbelievable awesome Halloween tutu for grown-ups.

I love it! Painted mason jar and you can see the candy through his mouth!

DIY Peacock Tutu Tutorial. I know this is supposed to be for little girls, but I'm thinking Halloween costume!

Select plastic-foam balls in varying sizes and draw large pupils using a permanent marker. Use a toothpick or stick to hold eyes together. Attach the pairs of eyes to a dark-colored bench or fence to help them pop.

cardboard box + solo cups = lego costume

Tomato cage turned upside down + Christmas lights + sheet!