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Math - Box-and-Whisker Plot

This worksheet can be given to students for homework, or as an evaluation tool to check understanding of box-and-whisker plots. The example featur...

Doing Box and Whisker plots in math now... will have to share this with the math teacher! Looks like the blog is a good resource too :-)

Basketball Box & Whisker Plot Activity: The purpose of this activity is for students to compare the points scored by 3 popular basketball players (Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Rajon...

Ann Marie VanSickle

Four stations that allow students to practice finding the mean, median, mode and range (measures of central tendency), create stem and leaf plots, box and whisker plots and histograms. Answer keys are included.

Data Displays Station Activities

This activity includes real scores from basketball, hockey, football, and baseball. Students find the median, quartiles, and extremes for each and...

Box and whisker plots pose many problems for students. They often confuse the length of a quartile for the size of data it includes. After seeing my students struggle with this concept for years (even moreso because they had to analyze the data, not merely create the plot) I came up with this activity. The coloring piece, coupled with the dollar bill comparison made something click. I've used the activity ever since! I hope you find it to work as well!

Understanding, Identifying and Analyzing Box and Whisker plots