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The Great Marshmallow Launch - have fun exploring simple machines by launching marshmallows!! Awesome science with great math connections - includes a graphing activity, handout for students with instruction and place to record data, exit slip and certificate! Build critical thinking and teamwork skills! $

Turn a couple of plastic cups into a fun rocket launcher! Great for active play indoors.

Whoo hooo...this is simply fun! Building a Catapult for Kids {Simple Catapult = Catapult Games}

How to Build a Cardboard Bridge and the Challenge and Discover link up. We challenge you to build a bridge with your kids and share what you did!

Challenge and Discover: Build a Bridge - Inspiration Laboratories

Perfect Package: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity! Using the materials provided, can you create the perfect package that will protect the delicate cargo (water balloon) inside? $

Electromagnet physics electricity science fair project idea: electromagnet with paper clips Electronics Science science project

A marble slide from paper towel rolls - perfect for DT. Perfect to do in small groups and have supplies in art an blocks center to later put in science center. Perfect theme activity during tools and machines theme. Would encompass almost every center!

Make a Paper Ball: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM activity! Can you make the roundest paper ball from only flat pieces of cardstock paper and tape? $

STEM Engineering Challenge Projects ~ TEN PACK #6 STEM Engineering Challenge Projects Included in this TEN PACK: Popsicle Stick Dam Paper Structures 100 Building Blocks Perfect Package Build a Bird Beak 100 Toothpicks Pipe Cleaners and Foil Paper Ball Ice Cue Insulator Sugar Cube Arches $

Kid-built in a few hours . . . this 7 inch tall basketball hoop can be assembled and re-assembled. We’re not going to toss a ball to make baskets with this project. Oh, no . . . we are making a little catapult to launch marshmallows at the hoop! Oh, yes! Sweet! Use this building project as a challenging independent study for upper elementary, as a whole-class engineering project, or use it to make math and science applications.

Marshmallow catapult, total fun! This can be thus completely amazing, Not only may be the specialized skill therefore amazing, the picture along with creativeness makes me wring my own mind inside awe!

Paper Clip Chain: Engineering Challenge Project ~ Great STEM Activity! Using one box of paper clips, can your group create a paper chain that will hold the most weight? $

Electricity science project Build a crystal radio like this from the Science Buddies Kit.

More like a science project, but would be fun to try. Newton's First: with raw eggs. Pinner said: "ok, this is cool! Our family just tried it. I wish I had, had a camera for my husband's face when I knocked the pie pan! lol The kids think this is SO cool!"