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Architecture & Engineering

Man-made marvels that don't fit elsewhere, excluding those that look like "Elephants"; also excluding "Modes of Transport" and "Bookstores & Libraries," all of which have their own boards. Other related boards are the place ones (for Spain, Italy, Orlando, and Charleston), "Art & Artists," and "Flora, Fauna, & Vistas."

"Benson Ford Shiphouse" -- "One of the Most unique homes you’ll find on Put-in-Bay [Ohio] and throughout the Country, the Benson Ford offers visitors the majestic atmosphere of an old-world shipping vessel [which it was in former days] with the convenience of modern amenities. Original black walnut wood and brass fittings place this luxurious vacation home into a category all its own." Click through for dozens of photos of and history about this unique and elegant guesthouse.

"Red Bridge II," by Paco Alcantara via Flickr -- from the tags, this is in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. Further research shows it to be the Zaobashi Suspension Bridge; more about it and more photos here:

Previous pinner: "Brandhorst Museum by Sauerbruch Hutton. Photographed by Hufton Crow" -- Click through for more photographs of this most unusual building...

"Pura Lempuyang Door [Bali, Indonesia]," by Gophrette Power, via 500px. (A Pura is a Balinese Hindu temple.) -- Personally, I think it looks like gorgeous bookends for a giant...

"1024 architecture has been invited by the city of Brussels to revisit the traditional Christmas tree on the Grand Place [2012]. It is a contemporary prefabricated Christmas tree that contrasts with the image of traditional tree and is actually stirring debate in the Belgian capital." Click through for more colors and views.

"Steel Patterns," by Philipp Klinger Photography via Flickr -- This is the underside of the Eiffel Tower...gorgeous and very Steampunky in nature!

"Ingenious Flipper Bridge Melds Left-side Drivers with Right-side Drivers: Hong Kong drives on the left side of the road, mainland China on the right. So how do you prevent crashes when driving between them?" This was a very clever proposed solution. Click through for more photos and information.

"Black And White --Tower With Face - On the North End Of The 16th Street Bridge [Pittsburgh]," by Marc_714, via Flickr

From "The Condensed List of Things I am Thankful for at U of T," the University of Toronto’s John P. Robarts Research Library, aka "The World's Most Turkey-Shaped Building." -- See the "unadorned" building here:

Fantasy Floorplans -- Well, these are fun! Click through for floorplans of famous tv residences and offices: Rob & Laura Petrie (out of stock for now), Dexter, Family Guy, Frasier, The Golden Girls, Mad Men, and many more...

sightsounds: "Afterglow in Black and White," by Kristian M. -- Location: Malmö - Sweden. -- Kristian M's account no longer active on Flickr.

"Google Doodle Honors Physicist Léon Foucault, Shows How the Earth Spins -- The famed Frenchman, who would have turned 194 today [9/18/2013], devised a pendulum to demonstrate our planet's rotation. Google's interactive version lets you see how it works." -- Find the interactive one archived here: -- fun!

Giant slide in Technical University of Munich -- Navigate quickly from the fourth floor to the ground! Click through to see a video.

"Structural Geometry with American Flag," by Betherez, via Dreamstime [stock photo]

"the gate in the corner," by Dario Sangiorgi, via 500px -- From the tags, this seems to be Saint Malo, France.

Click through for a story and two dozen or so photos of this "Stairs-House by y+M Design Office." From the outside, it looks a bit like bleachers, but inside, it's not at all. It also has a covet-worthy wall of bookshelves [ ].

"The world’s largest Easter egg or Ukrainian ‘Pysanka,’ was constructed in 1975 in Vegreville, Canada. The outer aluminum skin weighs 2,000 pounds. The Pysanka is an immense jigsaw puzzle containing 524 star patterns, 2,206 equilateral triangles, 3,512 visible facets, 6,978 nuts & bolts, & 177 internal struts. It measures 25.7 feet long, 18.3 feet wide, & stands 31.6 feet high." -- Click through for an astonishing forum post on eggs; decorated, as art, as architectural forms, more...

100 foot tall "Crossword puzzle building in [Lvov] Ukraine" -- 19 rows & 34 columns. "The clues for solving the puzzle can be found in the nearby parks & theatres & apparently you need physical strength besides your mental ability or vocabulary." Answers appear at night in fluorescent letters & a new puzzle starts the next day. Astonishing! [More here: ]

"The Pysanka Museum was built in the year 2000 and is located in the Ukrainian city of Kolomyia. 'Pysanka' is the Ukrainian word for richly decorated, batik Easter Eggs and the museum at Kolomyia is the only one in the world dedicated to this important cultural icon."

"The Old Town Hall [in Bonn, Germany] has undergone major restoration work from February 2010 until spring this year [2011] and instead of letting people look at an ugly construction site and scaffolding all the time, they came up with this wonderful idea of covering it up. The designs changed according to season or big events like the football world cup and there were five overall." Shown: a puzzle. Click through for more.

"Domes & Arches of Shah Jehan Mosque (Thatta [Pakistan])" -- Click through for more gorgeous architecture...

Bradbury building, one of the places "Blade Runner" was filmed. "It is an office building (in fact the oldest commercial building remaining in central LA), and is located at 304 South Broadway (South-East corner of 3rd & Broadway) in Los Angeles." Click through for more photos and information.

Saint Patrick's Day, 2012, in Monaco. -- "...The Sovereign will then light up the façade of the Palace of Monaco in green, the colour symbolic of this Christian Feast..."

"Heart-shaped building, [Melbourne, Australia]" by becks_fever, via Flickr

"United States Air Force Memorial, Arlington, VA, Completed 2006 -- Soaring toward the stratosphere, the stainless steel spires of the United States Air Force Memorial evoke the precision and weightlessness of flight. Reinforcing this architectural agility, illumination designed by Jean Sundin and Enrique Peiniger of Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) appears to emanate from within the monument itself, caressing the slender forms and bursting into the night sky."