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Book Vending Machines

Running across one pin about a book vending machine led me to look them up...and then wonder where I've been! They're all over the place and I have yet to see one, except in here. Further looking is leading me into the area of automated library materials handling, as well. Related content in "Book Delivery Systems."

"Patrons can check out a movie without ever entering the library at Rakow library in Elgin. (Photo submitted by Gail Borden Public Library)" -- Click through to read "La Grange library looks into self-service options" for some of the options being considered [in 2012] and why.

"A library worker shows how to check out books from a digitally locked cubby, in Hugo, Minn. Matt McLoone for The Wall Street Journal" -- Not surprisingly, these "New Library Technologies [that] Dispense With Librarians" are controversial; click through to read more of the debate.

New Library Technologies Dispense With Librarians

"Máquinas expendedoras de libros. Lo último." -- (Book vending machines. The ultimate.) -- The language on the machine is Turkish, but no clue as to the machine's actual location.

¿QUÉ MEJOR RECREO? (Máquinas expendedoras de libros. Lo último.)

From what I can tell from a machine translation, this is "Books for Children and Adolescents" at the Dr. Erwin Ackerknecht house in Szczecin, Poland, on World Book Day, April 23, 2013. (Post: "Kamienice Szczecina :: Wydarzenia :: Magazyn Akademia Sztuki")

"In Brazil, books sold through vending machines at pay-what-you-want prices -- Brazilian company 24×7 Cultural recently [Feb. 2012] launched an initiative enabling customers to choose the price they want to pay for the books sold through its subway station vending machines."

"A Vending Machine for Books -- ...first of its kind in Malaysia, MPH Bookstores is proud to present book buying from a machine. While the concept is not new, it is certainly a fresh take for book buyers here. The machine will make its debut sometime in April [2011] & will be rolled out in stages. High traffic areas such as hospitals, banks and LRT stations are some of the places that have been identified as potential spots for the machine." Click through for links to 3 newspaper articles.

A Vending Machine for Books - MPH

"Old Cigarette Vending Machines Repurposed to Dispense Books" -- German publishing company Hamburger Automatenverlag -- "The restored vending machines are also part of a public art series that will be distributed around they city of Hamburg."

Old Cigarette Vending Machines Repurposed to Dispense Books

Comic book vending machine from the 1960's.

"Taiwanese Designer Invents A Book Quote Vending Machine -- Taiwanese designer Alice Wang doesn't have a lot of faith in people's Twitterfied attention spans. As information from social networks, text messages, and ads speeds past our overwhelmed brains, Wang believes we are losing our ability to concentrate on longer works, so she has come up with a new way to pique the public's interest in reading: the Quote Vendor." More at designer's site here:

Taiwanese Designer Invents A Book Quote Vending Machine

From 2005: "Readers craving Homer, Baudelaire or Lewis Carroll in the middle of the night can get a quick fix at one of the French capital’s five newly installed book vending machines."

"Book Vending: Book shops are common at Metro stops but this is the first vending machine we’ve seen in the city. (Paraiso Metro [São Paulo, Brazil])" -- See stats and details in an article here:

"The ChinaDaily news site says that self-service libraries are becoming increasingly popular with Beijing residents, with 50 having sprung up across the city over the past year. 100 more are expected to open in the coming months. The 24-hour service allows readers to choose from 20,000 books housed in giant automatic machines scattered across the capital. A single self-service library, containing more than 400 books, resembles an ATM but is about the size of three cars..."

"A Toronto eclectic book store opened up this awesome $ 2 mystery book vending machine." -- This is "mystery" in that you don't know what you're buying, not as in the genre.

Previous pinner: "A new chapter in the transformation of the publishing industry: Guy Tiphane on the Espresso Book Machine" -- Me: This particular essay is more aimed at the effect on authors than libraries.

3/2012 -- "Meet 'Laverne'! That’s what the folks at the Sam Fore Jr. Wilson County [TX] Public Library call the newest innovation in book-lending technology. This is a vending machine for books -- think of it as a “RedBox” for books -- located at Lifechek Drug in La Vernia. It is the first machine of its type in Texas! Only California and Florida have these, so Texas is third in the nation to have this machine."

"Espresso Book Machine: Books Printed In Minutes At Point Of Sale For Immediate Pick Up Or Delivery" -- find a list of locations here:

"A new vending machine has been released which can print any book within minutes. The Espresso Book Machine has access to 500,000 different books - [23.6 miles of shelf space] - & can even churn out a fresh copy of 'Crime and Punishment' in just 9 min. Pages are printed at a rate of 100+ per min & are then pressed, glued & cut to produce a pristine book. Users simply pick the book they would like on a screen & wait for it to be printed. It certainly is a novel way of getting a new book."

"Seen here, the Book-O-Mat vending machine from 1949. What a terrific idea!" -- Originally from "Life" magazine, the photo gallery to which the click-through refers is no longer online that I can find.

Book-O-Mat and other vintage vending machines

"Simple stand-alone A 24/7 virtual stand-alone branch, the LibDispenser® enables patrons to enact simple lending, renewal, and returns of all types of media. Available for indoor or outdoor use, this self-maintaining library can be expanded and customized to meet the library’s specific needs."

Excellent board by Lori Ayre that goes well beyond book vending machines into materials handling and delivery of all sorts at libraries. Fascinating next step.

One step further! Previous pinner: "Evanced vending system, BranchAnywhere, is powered by an industrial multi-axis robot. Robot delivers books and AV to patrons from the storage shelves inside. Will also re-shelve those same materials to the machine. Can handle bigger/thicker fiction/non-fiction, DVDs, paperbacks, books on CD, Playaways, and even children’s picture books. Three options: Multi-Material Machine, DVD Machine, and Book-Only Machine."

What the "Book Drop" [] turned into: "Like the name might imply Zine Machine is a vending machine selling zines, books and minicomics with prices from $ 1 to $ 10. It’s located in the University of Iowa’s Library, but you might spot them at a zine workshop or conference near you. The machine has an open submission policy that could get your zines distributed right in the heart of the USA."

Not just a book vending machine! From 12/2001: "‘Book Drop’ vending machine offers unique holiday gift idea. University of Iowa Center for the Book studies students are offering a unique holiday gift idea along with an unusual shopping experience. Handmade books and kits for binding your own books are available at a new “Book Drop” vending the...Main Library. The book arts vending project grew out of a class offered at the UI Libraries Structure of the Handmade Book [class]."

"Your local library may have more in common with Redbox than you thought. Across the US and Canada, more community libraries are turning to book vending machines to extend their reach and hours to residents as tight governments budgets trim library programs. Right now, library officials in Boulder, Colorado and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania are considering whether library vending machines would be a good investment." Click through for an state-of-the-art & major locations as of 8/2011.

Your local library branch may soon be a vending machine.

"Old, Weird Tech: The Penguincubator, a Book Vending Machine." Click through for more information.

Old, Weird Tech: The Penguincubator, a Book Vending Machine