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Card Catalogs

Dealing mostly with card catalogs repurposed for the home, but some classic library photos have slipped in, as have some "card-catalog-like" storage cabinets. For more about libraries, librarianship, reading, books, or bookshelves, there are separate boards.

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Card Catalogs

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"Pumpkin Party" in a library conference room -- "There happened to be an old skool card catalog in there, so we decided to make it spooky."

Previous pinner: "Library of Congress Home | Library of Congress" -- SH: Actual title is: "Woman at Main Reading Room card catalog in the Library of Congress," by Jack Delano, created/published between 1930 and 1950.

Library of Congress Home | Library of Congress

This lovely little "Finders Keepsakes Shelf" is out of stock at the click-through, ModCloth, but they do have a "wishlist" feature and restock according to demand.

Alas, this lovely "Space Saving CD/DVD Storage Cabinet" is no longer available from Hammacher Schlemmer, but it still serves as a great inspirational photo... Has dimensions and stats at the click-through.

The Space Saving CD/DVD Storage Cabinet - Hammacher Schlemmer

"Vintage Library Card Catalog wine cabinet" -- Item sold on Etsy, but is still at the click-through with some other views. LOVE this color!

"The Cocteau" -- Illustration accompanying click-through article: "Library of Congress quiz: for librarians and also regular people," but created as a librarian homage to Jean Cocteau's "The Difficulty of Being":

Moby Card Catalog » Melville House Books

Previous pinner, the creator: "Library card catalog turned jewelry armoire that I lined with felt. Not bad for less than $20.00 total!" [Original pin, where comments contain information about the earring containers:]

"Card Catalog inspired table" from "One Peace at A Time" -- Click-through shows how she transformed a battered piece into this beauty, which incidentally, only has two drawers, not six.

One Peace at A Time: Card Catalog inspired table

From a 2007 post, "Ode to the Library Card Catalog," this was a lovely restored card catalog that was listed at that time on the San Francisco "craigslist." Now, it's just for inspiration, but the click-through has some great photos of other card catalogs plus a lot of creative suggestions of what to store in them.

library-card-catalog.png (image)

Click through to see these gloriously reinvented card catalogs. While I'm pretty crazy about all of these (and would cheerfully house any of them!), I ADORE that "Arts & Crafts Light Catalogue Table." [Screenshot 20140407 via Pinstamatic]

Chapter VI : Library Catalog Tables---Overview

"HGTV's Genevieve Gorder's New York Home (PHOTOS)" -- While I like the black-and-white theme and her bookcase, I'm loving the "bulky 81-drawer apothecary cabinet." Click through for several more photos of her lovely space.

Guess Which HGTV Designer Lives Here

"Homage to Lauren," by jim downie, via Flickr -- Card-catalog-like chest.

The card-catalog-like pieces in this lovely vignette are in the Pottery Barn catalog entry showcasing the linen pinboard (no longer available). I don't find the cabinets in the catalog at all, but they seem to be hinged doors rather than drawers.

Linen Pinboard | Pottery Barn

"An Old Technology, Transformed: ‘Artists in the Archives,’ at Greenburgh Public Library in Elmsford [NY]" -- Click through for a wonderful story, with some fascinating photos, about this project, “Artists in the Archives: A Collection of Card Catalogs,” 3 side-by-side installations, one of which (shown here) is "the 'Alternet,' a 50-drawer card catalog...repurposed to hold more than 15,000 three-by-five-inch works of original visual art" by 75 artists.

Loving these banks of card catalogs still in use at the State Library of New South Wales in the Mitchell Reading Room.

"Chişinău (Moldova) - National Library," by Danielzolli, via Flickr -- Click through for a great story from the user's point of view.

"card catalog," by fierce bunny, via Flickr -- No further information than that these lovely postcards at odd angles were found in an antique store.

Simply gorgeous still life photos by Andrew Grinton of a crave-worthy vintage card-catalog-like piece. This is slide 15 of 20 in his "Still Life 1" portfolio.

"1930s filing chair, a helpful tool used to maintain the labor-intensive card catalog." Source: "Folder 'Library Scenes.' Box 35, UM School of Information records." -- Article is about Margaret Mann, cataloging professor extraordinaire at the University of Michigan, and has more vintage photos.

Librarians and Archivists

"Using the card catalog - November 20, 1958." -- In the St. Paul (MN) Public Library. Cute little girl who's amused by something. -- Click through for more historical photos, including one of a wider and higher view of the multiple card catalogs.

Central Library History | Saint Paul Public Library

Click through for several photos of this stunning and unusual antique card catalog. "There is a rather interesting lock system to it too. We are still trying to figure it out. You can't really close all the drawers all the way because of the locks or the locks block them from shutting, but if you leave a drawer out, reach your hand in, trip the lock, all the drawers shut perfectly." -- I adore the look of this one!

Kab's Creative Concepts: Finding Frivolous Furniture Friday

"Card Catalog Coffe Table with Wood Type Display Top {tutorial}" from "So You Think You're Crafty" -- Only thing better than a card catalog is one with a typewriter on top!

"DIY card catalog" -- This is the before and after for this card catalog-like piece, but there isn't anything else in the way of explanation on the site except: "Make over a small $18 set of drawers for under $50, with the right paint and knobs."

Makeover for a Card Catalog - Thrift Diving Blog

"Library Card Catalog iPhone 4/4s case"

While this "vintage wooden library card file cabinet" by HRUSKAA on Etsy has sold, it is still droolworthy.