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Tips and techniques on creating and using infographics, not a collection of infographics per se. Particularly cleverly designed infographics are included, however. Many other pins related to using infographics are in "Training & Education" and some related to clever design and graphics are in "Words..."

Repinning this because I'm totally amused by the previous pinner: "I am an infographist who has nothing better to do, but annoy each and everyone around me" -- Click through at is no longer there, but the graphic is "French Fries Nutritional Facts Infographic," by Raj Kamal:

Not pinned for the infographic, which I do like, but for the "Interview with Simon Scarr," who "was the Graphics Director at 'The South China Morning Post' based in Hong Kong. He is about to [April 2013] take up a great new role as Deputy Head of Graphics for Thomson Reuters, based in Singapore." Click-through has some award-winning enlargeable infographics, plus tips and information about a career in news graphics.

"Choi’s Gallery’s new book, 'Infographic Design,' a global portfolio of infographics projects, featuring...232-pages full of inspiration, including case studies ranging from the sober and technical, such as user manuals, to the quirky and playful, such as a timeline of Pink Floyd band members. In the book, Choi’s Gallery somehow manages to capture a cross-section of the past few years of infographics design practice on paper; no small feat!" -- Click through for more and see excerpts.

"What is an Infographic?" via EVR. -- Though this is a couple of years old, the stats are still telling and the history interesting.

From the National Center for Education Statistics comes "Create A Graph," with examples and tutorials for basic visual communication.

"The 'Tall Infographics' design from Randall Munroe at 'xkcd' literally made me laugh out loud. As he mentions in the text: '"‘Big Data’ doesn’t just mean increasing the font size.' Very similar to something I repeat here on Cool Infographics all the time. 'Big fonts are not data visualizations!'" -- Original here:

"Infographic Promotion – The Ultimate Guide To Successfully Promoting Your Infographic" -- Great article that also includes a list of top infographic submission sites.

"The Infographic Pumpkin, one last Halloween infographic" -- from -- Click through for how this impressive and unique infographic was made.

Totally NOT politically correct "Italy infographic map" is nonetheless a good idea for data visualization for a particular country using flag colors and country's shape.

"10 Data Visualization Tools for Librarians and Educators -- ...ten free applications which will enable you to create your own infographics, maps, graphs, charts, and diagrams."

"Digital Consumerism" -- I am simply in love with this visual. The one at the click-through (which is a good article) does not go through to the interactive version. Use www.visual-litera... to read a totally fantastic version with pop-up photos illustrating all the different forms of graphics. Astonishing.

  • Suzi Holler

    I'm so glad it helped, @Josie Goytisolo ! I was pretty thrilled to find it myself! There are more tools on their "Books & Maps" page as well: http://www.visual-literacy....

  • Suzi Holler

    BTW, your project sounds fascinating! :-)

  • Josie Goytisolo

    Hi Suzi - Thanks for the additional tools - my project is called CodELLA - I've been incubating for the past 8 months! Can't wait to be able to go LIVE! We have pilots in Lima and Miami in January - targeted for July of 14. I'll send you a link when its up. :D

  • Josie Goytisolo

    correction - full program targeted to go live July of 14

  • Suzi Holler

    I'll look forward to it!

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"Infographic of Infographics," by Ivan Cash. "Data visualization is a popular new way of sharing research. Here is a look at some of the visual devices, informational elements, and general trends found in the modern day infographic." Click through for the original sources.

"The Marketer's Simple Guide to Creating Infographics in PowerPoint [Template]" -- Click through to download 3 free templates that will walk you through making an infographic.

This is a slightly snarky, but still funny, infographic making fun of infographics.

"Evil Effects Of Bad Infographics: A bad infographic can ruin your business. This good infographic talks about the evil effects of bad infographics and what to do to avoid them."

"How to Create Stunning Infographics in 30 Minutes or Less" -- Click through for much more than just what's provided on this infographic.

How to Create Stunning Infographics in 30 Minutes or Less

What a TOTALLY clever infographic "2011 Christmas Card" this family sent!!!

"The Colours Of Christmas Quizographic Infographic" -- In addition to being seasonally appropriate right now, this is a great example of an infographic generating interactivity. Click through for instructions and the quiz; click here (www.find-me-a-gif...) for the answers.

"Our sarcastic tribute to those infographic designers who insist on doing it wrong…repeatedly and unashamedly." -- This is actually 10 ways to make your infographic totally FAIL! Funny, though! :-)

Anatomy of an Effective Online Infographic -- analyzes three key aspects: Good Data; Good Design; Good Timing. Nice article with a good example.

Why “Infographic Thinking” Is The Future, Not A Fad. Francesco Franchi, a master of information design, describes how "infographic thinking" goes beyond pretty pictures, and creates an entirely different sort of reading experience that encourages critical thought.