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Denis Mukwege is a gynaecologist working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He and his colleagues have treated about 30,000 rape victims, developing great expertise in the treatment of serious sexual injuries. His story includes disturbing accounts of rape as a weapon of war.

Kym Worthy is leading a charge to investigate more than 11,000 police “rape kits”—which contain swabs of semen, saliva, and other evidence of rape—so the rapists can be brought to justice. The thousands of rape kits had piled up in a dusty police warehouse in Detroit for years, ignored, until one of Worthy’s colleagues stumbled upon them in 2009. Since then, an outraged Worthy has been fighting to get the kits logged, tested for DNA, and then entered into the national DNA database.

Jenn Gibbons, 27, began a quest to row around the 1,500-mile perimeter of Lake Michigan to raise money for Chicago-based Recovery on Water, a rowing team she co-founded for breast cancer survivors., In July, she was sexually assaulted on her boat, while sleeping along Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but made the decision to speak out about her assault and to continue the journey, part on bicycle, part by boat. (AP Photo/Mimi Weinreb). What a strong, amazing woman.

Room to Read founder John Wood provides resources and funding for Girls’ Education in the developing world.

Sally Ride, A Complete Heroine | MAKERS. Physicist, astrophysicist, English major, Shakespeare scholar, tennis champion, role model & first American woman in space. Rest in peace, Sally.

Karen Armstrong: Her TED Prize wish led to the creation of the Charter for Compassion. A document and a movement toward compassion across the globe for all people and including all belief systems. The basic precept stems from the Golden Rule.

Bring compassion to life | Charter for Compassion

Ashley Judd: powerful voice against social injustices including global poverty, gender inequality, human trafficking, & in this current article, the misogyny behind attacks and speculation regarding her appearance. Truly impressive.

Hermione Granger is my hero. This article provides some of the reasons why I might ask myself, "What would Hermione do?" when confronted with a decision.