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Things that occupy my day...

Freedom and Hapiness

Elisabeth Elliot.

Paleo Diet Foods List- what you can and canno't eat while on the Paleo Diet. I was really torn as to where to place this... What if I ate or What if I did...

Going this weekend with some wonderful women! Sign up if you haven't!

Headed to Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia! Going to see my man!

giant schnauzer puppy- who could say no to that face!

Giant Schnauzers. My man wants one. I'm not sold on the idea yet

The most important time of my day

find some time to spend with him...

a walk in the field behind the house before sunset is a good way to end my day

the reality of it all


they end up teaching you more than you teach them....

Running gives me a natural high for the afternoons