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HP sets and locations you can actually visit!!!!-----most glorious adventure you will have in London---- seriously on my bucket list!!!

Blue Starfish Tattoo. I like the idea of doing two of these for the girls on my foot.

Shower wine glass holder // Is it bath time or wine time - or both?! Genius! So clever... #product_design

Glow in dark bubbles!!! SUMMER!??!

Bluetooth Shower Speaker --- too freaking cool..only $21

Canvas DIY glueing wooden letters to canvas and spray painting. so simple yet looks so pretty

90s kid whistle pops :)

For a 21st birthday! someone should have done this for me! :)

I will marry whoever does this for me.

This is cute; as long as someone else is chopping up the fruit :)

iPhone Cases Light Up to Reveal Jolly Patterns Whenever You Get a Call

Party Lake Raft

abc family 25 days christmas 2013 Programming Schedule

Fill eggs with paint and toss them at canvas. Add it to the bucket list

Tinkerbell pumpkin

Ah takes me back. ♥ bein a 90s baby

33 things you didn't know about titanic!! I really liked this :)

Use Bubble Wrap “Skirts” to make flowers float…

After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…