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Saving a copy of your boards as a .pdf - SORT OF. Won't work for many browsers as is, but if you read the comments, there are suggested fixes for IE, Firefox, Mac, and other situations, including a website where you can pay to save all your pins. I haven't tried any of these - user beware before downloading add-ons or other suggestions!

Hello fellow pinners. As you may have heard, pinterest is testing a new look. In it, social interaction will be further impaired, and we'll be reduced to mere content generators. Ever missed a messaging function? It's getting worse. Please repin this to alarm others, and then click to open the feedback form and tell them your opinion. Thank you.

Quick Guide to Pinterest Images Infograph

Pinterest deconstructed - marketing; infographic

Pinterest deconstructed [infographic]

Safety Pin: one blogger addresses Pinterest copyright issues, and endorses the use of "Safety Pins" on your own site (and yes, there is a "no" safety pin, too)

Pinterest and the Intellectual Property Conundrum

Pinterest for Business

The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business

using Pinterest to drive traffic - IMHO, marketers aren't getting the real reason most people are on Pinterest. But maybe that's just me!

How to Make Images Stand Out on Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Great tip about search BY image on Google

How to Use Pinterest | The Hyper House

Another infographic/article about the most effective time to pin IN ORDER TO get repins. The most effective time for ME to pin is when I have some free time!

infographic about pins and repins. Assumes you are on Pinterest to get followers and repinners - me, not so much. Just here to pin stuff I like! Hope you like my stuff, too!

Getting More Out of Pinterest [Infographic]

How to pin a video on Pinterest

Geez - please PLEASE stop pinning Google thumbnails. It's not that hard to make the extra click and pin the source image!

10 Things Pinterest Should Do Right Now. The author is really crude, but has some great ideas!

How to save a copy of your Pinterest boards as a PDF.