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Feeling nostalgic? This cassette tape purse is a throwback to days gone by and comes complete with handles that look like unraveled tape. Not only is it a creative design idea, it's not overdone, and comes in subtle neutral colors to go with many outfits. It might even make a great bag to carry your laptop in, along with all your other essentials.

This clutch handbag is covered in zipper pulls, which could make actually finding and opening the real zip closure tricky. However, it is interesting to look at and if you remember the location of the real zipper, all is well. At least you won't have to worry about all of these zippers getting stuck somehow, they just look very unique. Clutches can really step it up a notch to add something special to your cute outfit.

This adorable little rain boot bag brightens even the darkest days. While retrieving your keys from the toe may be difficult, not to mention what other things could get stuck down there, the cute factor is definitely high enough to make up for the inconvenience. You can even give your bestie a matching one; who needs BFF necklaces? You have BFF boots.

This speaker purse shows the world you're really into sound. Plug your devices right into the purse and start jamming! This purse is sleek and fashionable, yet functional. We'd recommend using it on sunny days though. What audiophile wouldn't want to carry this bag? Keep the volume down though while you're not at home; you might ruffle some feathers.

Gamer girls, you're going to love this one. The Nintendo purse lets everyone know you could totally pwn them at Super Mario. Though small and a bit boxy, this purse has great functionality. Also, if you happen to be short an NES controller at home, simply remove it from your purse! Have some fun on the run with the built in screen. Who needs an iPhone?

This football bag really scores with sports fans. Celebrate the American tradition with this unique purse this coming football season. If you need an improvised ball, this bag presents the perfect opportunity; only make sure it's zipped up and your cell phone is removed. It is also perfect for Superbowl parties or any other time you'd like to show off your love of pigskin. And hey, it will be man-approved.

Getting hungry again? Well if the hamburger bag wasn't enough for you, we found some cheese. This bag is purely a cheesy novelty though. No one would seriously carry a bag that looks like a giant wedge of cheese, would they? If you're a mouse or from Wisconsin, maybe. Hey, it will match your cheese hats! Just remember to refrigerate after use.

This bag was made from candy wrappers that would have ended up in the landfill, which makes it not only super cute, but eco-friendly as well. It reminds us of the Capri Sun bag, but in a cute, pocket-sized coin purse version. It looks like there are many kinds of candy wrappers to satisfy everyone's preferences, and there are fun colors to boot!

This bag was made from a used soccer ball. How they got it that way must have been challenging, since they're pretty inflexible. It may not appeal to everyone, but soccer moms can definitely get behind the idea.

This chubby hen purse is very unique, to say the least. It's roomy, which is a plus for all those ladies who carry everything but the kitchen sink with them to the grocery store. The only concerns presented are the non-adjustable handles and the fact that it looks like it's made out of porcelain. We just hope it's a shiny plastic. It's especially perfect for all those chicken lovers

It looks good enough to eat, but you'll want to show restraint and keep this bag handy for dashes to the bakery. The soft terry cloth and cute design would make a great bag for a young girl. It would help teaching her to carry a purse, but create a fun way to do it! If you're a big pastry fan, I don't see anything wrong with carrying it around town either.

This clutch handbag is made from empty Capri Sun drink containers. It may look pretty simple to make, but let's face it - getting those Capri Sun packages clean isn't going to be, so we should just leave it up to the creative mind behind the design. It's irresistibly cute and good for the environment. Add this to the list of green accessories! What's not to love?

Your idea of a book bag has never been like this; bookworms can celebrate this creative DIY purse. It is made from a real book and is definitely unique. We imagine you can take the concept to all kinds of places, with the beautiful book covers out there. The only downside is that you no longer have the book - you have a purse that used to be the book - so keep your digital copies handy.

Rubber bat wings have never been as functional or attractive as they are when crafted into a purse. Especially with the super hero fever that has hit our culture recently, this accessory would be a great addition to any fan's collection. Classic black will allow wear for many occasions and it's also perfect for Halloween, to conceal all those candies with

The popularity of the Rubik's Cube has endured for decades. Many variations and sizes of the puzzle have been produced over the years and now you can show your love for the boxy classic with this purse. The colors are young and fun if you're looking for something spunky to spice up a simple outfit or to make a statement with accessories.

The design of this dead cat bag may not be a favorite for cat lovers, but it's definitely an attention getter. It doesn't look easy to carry, with an inflexible bar as the handle. It also seems relatively small, which wouldn't allow for many goodies, despite how inconveniently wide the purse is. How does it open? We hope it doesn't follow anatomy.

This strange looking bag looks like an oversized toad. What's not to love? Plenty. Wait a second, you're right; it is an oversized toad. We don't have to get into all the issues you may come across carrying this beaut, like nausea and ugly looks, but one has to wonder how much actually fits inside of the bag. If nothing else, it can function as a glorified cell phone case.

Everyone loves a bag with form and function; classic structure mated with a creative twist make this accessory quite unique. We're sure this handbag is sure to get second looks. To protect the bottom of the bag from scuffs, it actually has feet. And not just any feet either; they are chicken feet. It looks like it's about to run away

Love Chinese take out? This is the handbag for you. The design is clever and creative, to say the least. The use of materials to craft a small purse into the likeness of a take-out box speaks for itself. Just be sure to keep things straight; you wouldn't want anyone to dump noodles into your purse, unless you don't have anything else to pack your leftovers in.

Handbags made from bras are popular and are generally made and sold as a way to promote the fight against breast cancer and promote awareness. These are fairly simple to construct and make a positive statement. Although you may not carry it around on a daily basis due to the size and functionality, the cause is close to all of our hearts, so you should take the chance to fight it however you can.

Many people like to keep their undergarments concealed under clothing, but others are proud to show them off. This bag celebrates the latter. These were in about seven years ago, no joke. They are stiff, have small entry zippers and only get so unique. Corsets are still in, but it will be up to you whether or not carrying this around town is an option.

This Louis Vuitton Tribute bag is made in France and is a patchwork mess of 14 Louis Vuitton bags. Louis Vuitton has definitely made a mark on the fashion industry, and many LV bags remain classics to this day. Somehow I don't imagine it to be the case with this one, despite the hype. Only 24 were made and Beyonce Knowles is one of the lucky owners of this $52,000 purse.

This bag simply cannot be explained. It's a toad, covered with mink fur. It would be great if it didn't remind everyone of the outcome of some terrible adult film involving Kermit the Frog and a cute bunny. Exciting? Perhaps. Bizarre? Definitely. If you want to make a bold statement, then this bag is for you. It's up to you how to carry it though.

An armadillo bag is going to get noticed. This bag is certainly unique and you can be almost certain you'll be the only one carrying it at the next social event. These subtle colors are perfect for fall, and just in case you get lonely you'll have a buddy to hang out with! Anyone could easily fall in love with this purse, if only it had an adjustable strap too.