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A better way to grow strawberries and other more hanging fruits and berries is to use growing boxes or tubes elevated off of the ground. You can even grow them at waist or chest level for easier growing, tending and picking. No more rotting caused by laying upon the ground while developing!

Change.........Begins Now: Top Pics of All Time

Pruning Subshrubs - Fine Gardening Article lavender, rosemary, large sage, artemesia

Pruning Subshrubs | Fine Gardening

PVC and netting to cover blueberry bush. (we have one and last year the birds got ALL the berries before they ripened...we have to do something about that)

Protecting Your Blueberries | Saving 4 Six

Love flowers and vegetables planted together! Mix ornamental plants with edible plants in your veggie garden.

Build a Timber Raised Bed

A list of flowers you might want to plant in with your veggies and why

A list of flowers you might want to plant in with... — Gardening

Growing a lemon tree is not that difficult. As long as you provide their basic needs, growing lemons can be a very rewarding experience. This article will help with that.

Growing Lemons – How To Grow A Lemon Tree