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Special Needs, Blogs

As special needs parents we each empathize and learn from each other. This board is intended to be a collection of blogs dedicated to the special needs individuals in our lives. If you would like to add your blog or contribute to this board simply comment and request on my own recent pins to this board. I look forward to seeing your wonderful blogs added here.

How Do I Get Special Education Services for My Child with Special Needs?

It's time to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Come join in our campaign! Share with us your child with Down Syndrome who is "Special & Determined". They may win a chance to be entered into our $50 grand prize. #specialanddetermined

Dear Mom of a New Tubie - My letter to new moms with children with tubes. I hope it's an encouragement. #tubie #tubefed #SpecialNeeds

Ultimate Blog Challenge | Sign Up Confirmation

10 Autumn Activities for Children with Autism

Connecting One Piece at a Time: Parent/Teacher Conferences... Early? Absolutely! It may help the rest of year go a lot smoother!

5 Ways to Stay Sane Managing Your Child’s Special Needs Schedule

Handle With Care: 8 Ways Special Needs Parents Can Make Friends

Connecting One Piece at a Time: Start Small, Much Better Than Not Starting at All

Is it Inclusion? Check out this handy chart! (www.theinclusivec...)

Talk therapy 'best for social phobia' - Talking therapy is more effective than pills in treating social anxiety disorder, a study has found. Social phobia - one of the most common anxiety disorders - is a persistent fear of social situations.

Help for Struggling Readers: Brain-Training Games & Apps to Improve Executive Functions - including a free website

This is for all Special Needs Mums, everywhere - These Ladies Stood In Front Of An Interactive Mirror Without Knowing What To Expect - The Meta Picture - it is NOT about a song - This brought tears to my eyes (but in a good way), you really should watch this, and SHARE it...

Connecting One Piece at a Time: A New Normal: But Mom? How to help the siblings of your special needs child.

Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders can get quite a lot of upsetting thoughts. Here are 50 pre-written thought bubbles that are easy to download, print and use (teachers, SLP's, anyone, not just therapists). Make a quick CBT, hands-on matching game or add a visual dimension to your work.

State-based Prevalence Data of ADHD Diagnosis (2011-2012): Children CURRENTLY diagnosed with ADHD (CDC). Is this because kids are made to sit still too long in school? And yes I agree ADHD is real, but I also think some kids are being dignosed who may not have ADHD....

Fathers For Autism. Daddy blog about autism, asd, meltdowns, champions, dragons and his love for his autistic Redhead. www.fathersforaut...

Evan Newport - All Around Me How My Son Reminds Me That His Brother’s Short Life Mattered

Those of us with dementia need a little help from our friends | Terry Pratchett. The hundreds of thousands of us living with this condition need support and kindness, not stigma and isolation

Neil Gaiman: ‘Terry Pratchett isn’t jolly. He’s angry’. Fellow sci-fi novelist Neil Gaiman on the inner rage that drives his ailing friend’s writing. By the time Terry learned he had a rare, early onset form of Alzheimer’s, the targets of his fury changed: he was angry with his brain and his genetics and, more than these, furious at a country that would not permit him (or others in a similarly intolerable situation) to choose the manner and the time of their passing.