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Started as a Vision Board for the serialized Wattpad novel RoboNomics. Read it here:

'Gobble Hawk' Wins @NASA High-Altitude #UAV Design Competition - via @IEEESpectrum @Kyle McMillan #drone

SupraPed #Robot on Rough Terrain Simulation

RoboNomics Book II Trailer. Coming to @Wattpad September 1, 2014! So excited! :)

Please Tell This #Robot What a Turtle Looks Like - via @IEEE Spectrum

Please Tell This Robot What a Turtle Looks Like - IEEE Spectrum

AIs Have Mastered Chess. Will Go Be Next? #AI #Automation #RoboNomics Go Photo: Tibor Bognar/Alamy

AIs Have Mastered Chess. Will Go Be Next? - IEEE Spectrum

Camera #Drones That Follow You - via @IEEESpectrum

Camera Drones That Follow You - IEEE Spectrum

The Good Life, With #Robots "Photographer Dan Saelinger envisions a future eased by amiable automatons"

The Good Life, With Robots - IEEE Spectrum

So, Where Are My #Robot Servants? "Tomorrow’s robots will become true helpers and companions in people’s homes—and here’s what it will take to develop them"

So, Where Are My Robot Servants? - IEEE Spectrum


The Art Of Animation, tokyogenso

#Robot, heal thyself: Dextre becomes the first robot to repair itself in space - YouTube

Experts believe the Internet of Things — this concept that all devices, objects and systems could be connected and share information in the future — will have a widespread effect on the way we live our everyday lives by 2025.

Experts: Internet of Things and Wearables Will Dominate by 2025

What Is The Internet Of Things (IOT) And The Future of Machine To Machine - (M2M) Communications?

Quitbit Lighter: "You know how much you smoke, but what about when you make small changes? Challenge yourself to fight cravings one by one and don't miss out on the small victories. Gradually cut back at your own pace or set custom plans to help achieve your goals"

A health tracking device you don’t have to wear! Just sit down, and view your vital signs on the app: Darma Inc.

Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone! #AI

Niwa: Grow the freshest food on Earth right from your smartphone!

▶ Building an Internet for Robots: Gajan Mohanarajah at TEDxYouth@Adliswil - YouTube

Nonna Lea and a robot called Mr. Robin

Ekso Bionics - An exoskeleton bionic suit or a wearable robot that helps people walk again