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Dessin : Luis Lageder

I normally don't re-pin stuff like this but this is a REAL DANGER. If you care about your loved ones please, please, please re-pin! We need to let people know about this!

Something Fishy Going On…

Something Fishy Going On…

This is just too hilarious...because I completely believe it could happen

John and Sherlock through time. Aww.

Merlin with Arthur's Ghost…. wow this just killed me 17 times, slowly and painfully.

Wil1969's Merlin Manip Wallpapers - Printable Version

Large grey blankets are the international symbol of "something bad just happened, but don't worry, paramedics are here somewhere."

whaaaaaat why is this so funnyy

  • Destynie S.

    This literally gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. Lol

I love how Colin's like, "you're welcome"