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100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount

100+ Stores That Give a Teacher Discount -

How cute! Frozen Valentine's Printable , Frozen Valentines Printable - Children's Printable customize on Etsy, $5.00

A palet book shelf...actually a clever idea.

A palet book shelf...actually a clever idea. -

kid's valentine - ♥ this

Peg-a-Number Facts - a fun game for kids to play and learn basic addition and subtraction sums. {learning4kids}

Fun & Simple dinosaur activity for kids! Maybe for older kids give each shape a numerical value and have them add how much their dino is worth. Can use with class to compare/contrast amounts, etc.

tattle telephone, press 1 to "leave a message" and tattle on someone- love it! i had something similar to this when I taught 1st grade, i put a sign up of ears & when the kids wanted to tattle I told them to "go talk to the ears", one time there was a line of them waiting to talk to the ears ;-)

Turn an old map into magnets/puzzle ... what a neat way to learn states and their locations!


Make a white apron, then draw the outline of major organs on it in black permanent marker. Then make attachable, velcro-able organs to match up.

Simple edible Pro, Euk & Virus models!...I developed this simple activity to visually reinforce the major similarities and differences between these structures. Each student receives a snack bag that contains 2 pull & peel licorice (cell membranes), 1 ritz cracker (nucleus), 3 pieces of twizzler (Spiral shaped, double helix DNA), assorted cereals (organelles and ribosomes), and 1-2 pretzel sticks (pretzel "protein" coat). My students love this tasty, educational activity! mailto:Marcosrrui...

Education Major. Cute.

Show students what materials are allowed during lesson or activity. If not on board, they can't use it.

Nelson Mandela

You can order a box of books from this site for $12.99. They will range from toddler to young adult books. Each box contains approximately 150 books (give or take). You can also order more age/grade specific books, but it costs a bit more. There is now an advisory on their site that due to high demand, boxes may not ship for up to 5 weeks, but for $12.99, that's a small price to pay :)

Dollar Store facial cleansers for individual dry erase marker board erasers ~ Handy!