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hey hey, life aint fair, 3 in the air if you just dont care.

Leonardo di Caprio back in the days.

Zac Efron 2013 Pictures

Happiness Wrist Quote Tattoos.

loyalty for love

Inspiring picture book, love, tattoo, wrist. Resolution: 500x374. Find the picture to your taste!

love it...half a shear

Little Mermaid Ariel & Eric tattoo

little mermaid tattoo... Ohhhhh noooooooo...

Kinda pretty stinkin' awesome.

I love a bunch of ear piercings. And the earrings.

Doubt I could ever do it, but rather lovely regardless. (:

i think this is the third time im posting this but i cant get over it

My nose is one thing I would never actually pierce but this is a really cute nose ring!

"Hipsters", before they were cool, were described as people who didn't wear regular, average clothes. They were unique and stylish in their own ways. But now, hipsters are nothing more than Boho or thrift shop fashion. There's nothing unique about them. They're not really considered "hipsters" anymore if they're just like everyone else

"Cats are smart. You know it, and I know it." --Debbie Mertens

Semi floral chair crown hair beautiful girl pretty hair crown green hair

small cat tattoo i might have to get this one too hahaha

74 Of The Tiniest, Most Tasteful Tattoos Ever If I were to get another tatoo someday.....a tiny cat or kitten would be perfect - and love the behind the ear...

Cat tattoo. WHISKARRRRS... but I want it on my pointer finger.