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Games I love

A dedication to our friend, who just happened to love pink. Let us dye in PINK! #GuildWars2

So last weekend we had this BWE going on @ #GuildWars2. It was awesome and pure fun for all of us!! We explored the underwater cave and died numerous time; getting hot water and flying lava from Champion Rhendak the Crazed!!

Get yourself killed at higher ground #GuildWars2

Yes.. virtual rainbow cake! #GuildWars2

Or transformed to an Ooze? #GuildWars2

So here's one of the game you should consider playing in the near future - Guild Wars 2. Picture was taken during the Open-BETA Weekend event, last week. My journey was based on pure curiousity on what this game and what this world can offer fellow MMO gamers. Perhaps, you can skydive without worries~ Face the thrill.. Hehe

Granado Espada, classic armors & awesome music!

Ragnarok Online! Brings back memory..

Skyrim Collector's Edition. Bought this for my other half ;) Super awesome thing for the most awesome pal ever! But this so-called Collector's Edition, could have been more value-added by adding limited edition merchandise like t-shirt, lanyard etc. Still, the dragon figurine is super fine~ Hehe.

Current addiction, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim by Bethesda. Dragons, anyone? :)~