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Children's Nightmares Creepy shit! Surreal photographer Arthur Tress brought children's nightmares to life in this 1960s series.

SylK's Playground: Children's Nightmares

Surfers In Texas!!?? Yes, they exist. There are surfers in Texas. As proofs Kenny Browns with his book Surf Texas. I'm still looking at thes...

SylK's Playground: Surfers In Texas!!??

High Speed Photographer Martin Klimas Awesome photo series of falling porcelain statues by high speed photographer Martin Klimas.

SylK's Playground: High Speed Photographer Martin Klimas

Classic Art Works Re-Invented At first I thought it was a bit too simple. But ... there are some cute re-inventions.

SylK's Playground: Classic Art Works Re-Invented

The History Of San Francisco's Castro District Beautiful photo's by Thomas Alleman about the Castro District in San Francisco.

SylK's Playground: The History Of San Francisco's Castro District

Watching Himself Watching Soccer That's what Juergen Teller, photographer, does, he likes to watch himself watching soccer. An interview by ...

SylK's Playground: Watching Himself Watching Soccer

'Evidence' - Forensic Photography Angela Strassheim used to capture crime scenes. The series 'Evidence' shows us homes where domestic homici...

SylK's Playground: 'Evidence' - Forensic Photography

Jennifer in Paradise Believe it or not, but this photo 'Jennifer in Paradise' is the first photoshopped photo.

SylK's Playground: Jennifer in Paradise

The Photographic Early Works Of Cult Film Director Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Open: the photographic early works of cult film director Stanle...

Stringer - An Immersive Journalism First Person Video Game The game Stringer was developed to help combat journalists prepare to do their jo...

Video Created By Analogue Pinhole Camera's Unbelievable. It took photographer Brandon Griffiths about 6 months to complete this video.

SylK's Playground: Video Created By Analogue Pinhole Camera's

Tom Stoddart 'Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo' And now I'm sad. Beautiful photography by Tom Stoddart on the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo.

SylK's Playground: Tom Stoddart 'Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo'

Breathless ... Literally To me this is creepy. Suffocating photography. Well done though. Under-water religion by Alexander James.

SylK's Playground: Breathless ... Literally

Death Masks By Rankin Rankin photographed models in death masks for Epitaph. Death masks on models which are alive. It looks awesome.

SylK's Playground: Death Masks By Rankin

Lewis Baltz - Photographer? Lewis Baltz, artist, didn't like photography. Now that's news. Better news than Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ar...

SylK's Playground: Lewis Baltz - Photographer?

Lee Freidlander Lee Freidlander is an American photographer from the 1960s - 1970s. Well known for his social landscapes.

SylK's Playground: Lee Freidlander

The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds A pioneering photographer in the 1950s, Bunny Yeager discovered the iconic Bettie Page and helped estab...

The Queen of the Playboy Centerfolds

Donut Look-A-Likes Strange Donuts, a project by photographer Brandon Voges and advertising agency The Marlin Network. Portraits of people an...

SylK's Playground: Donut Look-A-Likes

Japan Humanizes Robots Photographer Luisa Whitton documents the Japanese Humanoid Robotic Industry. Creepy!

SylK's Playground: Japan Humanizes Robots

Photography Quotes via “I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.” – Gilles Peress “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late a...

SylK's Playground: Photography Quotes

Surreal Photographer Todd Baxter Todd Baxter has a story to tell. By accident he picked the medium photography. All is photo's are narrative...

SylK's Playground: Surreal Photographer Todd Baxter

Inside Nuclear Power Plants ... Amongst Others Wow! My kind of photography. Luca Zanier got permission to take these beautiful photo's insid...

SylK's Playground: Inside Nuclear Power Plants ... Amongst Others

Ueber Hipster Ueber hipster and very cute. OTTO, the gif-camera. A Kickstarter project. Retro-style, 'manual' and planned shipping in Decemb...

SylK's Playground: Ueber Hipster

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