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Great Pyrenees

  • Sara Orozco

    The vet recommended we shave my great pyr. He has super sensitive skin and is an indoor dog. He is huge and the sweetest guy I have ever met... I love my dog miles!!!!

  • Anna Jones

    GP's have several layers of fur. Very similar to Huskies or German Shepherds

  • Cheryl Frost

    If I ever got a dog this would be the kind I'd get

  • Anna Jones

    Oops. Hit the button too soon! They need their hair the length it is to insulate against the cold by trapping warm air between those layers and in the summer, trapping cool air the same way. When you shave them you greatly reduce their ability to regulate their temperature. They're still able to regulate, just not nearly as effectively. I worked as a groomer and a vet tech for years and the only reason I'd ever shave down a double or triple coated dog was for skin allergies or infections. Otherwise, I recommend NEVER shaving your full-coated breed!!

  • Linda Fisher

    we also have a great pyrenees and live in oklahoma. We walk him in the very early morning-usually around sunrise and he lives inside during the heat. A loving, and smart animal

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I love laughing to Audrey, oh how I wish we could have been friends.

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