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Very cool. This technology turns paper into a touchscreen.

Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

The Urbee 2 is a 3D-printed car with a hybrid engine, three wheels, and capacity to carry up to 1,200 lbs. It can reach speeds of up to 110mph!

Diy Lights for the backyard.. put this together in less than an hour. We started with 2 fence post, 4 solar outdoor lights, a drill, 8 extra long screws and an 8" long scrap of treated 4" x 4" wood.

Solar Lights - DIY Quick Fix~ this is such an easy to do fix..... read on.

Solar Lights~DIY Quick Fix

Camping DIY: Solar lights to light up your site!!! Never run out of batteries again! Why didn't I think of this before now?

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Clouds in your home.

Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns | Elemental LED Academy

Who has the time for batteries these days? Ann Makosinski, a 15-year-old high school student from Victoria, British Columbia, designed a flashlight that's powered entirely by body heat — specifically, heat produced from the palms of your hands.

This 15-Year-Old's Science Project Will Light Up Your World

Marshmallow catapult, total fun! This can be thus completely amazing, Not only may be the specialized skill therefore amazing, the picture along with creativeness makes me wring my own mind inside awe!

Watch the planets dance in a triple conjunction: In just a few days, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus will come together in the night sky in what is known as the "Dance of the Planets."

Watch the planets dance in a triple conjunction - CNET

Science at Home: Baking Soda Science for kids via @Trisha | Inspiration Laboratories

Science at Home: Baking Soda Science - Inspiration Laboratories

Did you know that you can make plastic out of milk and vinegar? Simple, impressive, and fun science experiment!

{MADE} Overnight Crystal Garden - Babble Dabble Do (uses epsom salts)

Science for Kids: Overnight Crystal Garden - Babble Dabble Do

While the concept of the odometer dates back to ancient times, Franklin did create his own version. The concept was to attach the device near the wheels of a carriage, determine the circumferance of the wheel and the number of revolutions required to travel a mile, and have the device register the distance traveled.

This is Laminin. The molecule, Laminin is the protein that holds human beings together. Do you notice its shape? Isn't it amazing that God would think so far in the future, and make the very thing that makes us think of Jesus, make up and play a crucial role in how we are formed? God formed you to not only live as an image of Christ, but to never escape the fact that you are HIS! We are branded by the Cross! "He is before all things, and in him all things hold together" Colossians 1:17

Marie Curie in the laboratory where she investigated radiation, around 1900.